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Hampton & Richmond Borough’s very own Martin Tyler and manager Alan Dowson will be taking part in a Q&A with AtTheMatch, a Sports Networking Club, as part of a monthly networking event in London.

Previous guest speakers include ex professional footballer turned Asset Management founder Ramon Vega, former professional footballer Perry Groves, ex professional footballer turned sports lawyer David Winnie, former professional footballer Jason Roberts, Sutton United FC manager and property owner Paul Doswell, award-winning journalist Mihir Bose and England C manager Paul Fairclough.

AtTheMatch host monthly networking events in the heart of London for individuals in the business and sport industries to network and do business, with an average of 50 individuals ranging from football, rugby and sports club and foundations commercial managers, owners and chairman to investment firms, wealth management, lawyers, beauticians, travel agents, merchandise outlets, stadia services, event...
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This past weekend saw the climax of the great sporting extravaganza, that takes place every 4 years. The Rio Olympics has finished and the “circus” gets ready to roll onto Tokyo in 2020. In London we had “Super” Saturday, and in Rio we've had “Splendid” Sunday and “Terrific” Tuesday, as Team GB ramped up their medal haul.

The achievements of all our athletes has been as a result of many hours of hard work and dedication over a sustained period. All have acknowledge that they would not of been able to perform to such high standards without the support of many people, including their families and friends, especially when things were not going too well.

H&RBFC also enjoyed a “Terrific” Tuesday on the Kent coast. We came away from Margate with a splendid 4-2 victory. This was the 3rd win in the opening 4 games, which is a great start to the campaign. But as I'm sure Dowse will be only to quick to point out, it is only a start!!

A football season is often described as a...