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Although the Beavers came through Saturday's league match with the points, Dowse is still concerned about the 1st team's injury situation.

"We could have some big matches to play in the next couple of weeks." Alan said today.

"Although the Charity Cup Semi Final is an important game, I won't be playing many of the first team in it, the possibility of league playoffs is a massive reason to try and rest the likes of Josh, Leon etc."

"It's not to disrespect Ashford Town, but we need to keep our best players for the biggest matches."

"We shan't know until Wednesday what is happening with the playoffs, so I can't take a chance."

The match kicks off at 7-45pm at Ashford, the winners will get to face Wealdstone, in the Final at Hanwell Town on Bank Holiday Monday.

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Football fans can be a fickle lot. One minute a team, manager or player can be the best thing since sliced bread, the next, the whole lot of them should be given their marching orders; because, suddenly, they are all next to useless.

The last couple of weeks have highlighted this with the goings on at Arsenal. A fine 3-0 win against West Ham, followed by a spirited draw with Man City and all of a sudden they had turned a corner. And given the fact they had a couple of games in hand, the prospects for qualifying for next season's Champions League looked a lot brighter.

The clamour for Arsene Wenger to go was subsiding, until the recent 3-0 defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace. The love for Arsenal's most successful manager was now turning to hate and the mob who once acclaimed him as their “king” are now leading the “Wenger must go” campaign. I must admit that I find it rather amusing that the Spurs fans now chant “Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay”.

Sadly individual players...