1st memories of watching Hampton

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    Mine is from 1977 when I was 8 at home to Barnet in the F.A.Cup.We lost 2 1 Jimmy Greaves played for Barnet.The reason I will never forget it is Alan Cooling scored straight from a goal kick,and a photo of him was on the next day's Big Match
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    I'm sure I've said this before on the forum but mine was September 1980 as a 13 year old, dragged along by some older kids from school. Hertford Town were the opponents and I think it was 1-1. A very dull game but for some reason I was hooked...
  3. For me it was at Hatherop Road. So long ago I have forgotten who the opponents were or the date!
    What I do remember was from games at this ground:
    Shirley and Mrs Slark walking round the pitch collecting donations from spectators. There seemed to be quite a number standing around the touch line.
    Winifred Attwell , who was President at the time, arriving in a big American car to meet the players etc.
    The Cooper brothers played on opposite wings and one got fouled and his brother ran across the pitch to lay into the perpetrator. (Shirley can give details!)
    First visit to Beveree to see the Victory cup final the last game of the 1958/59 season and knowing that the following season this would be our home ground.
    Hopefully this is accurate, but it is a long time ago!
  4. I can still recall the Jake Cooper incident because he actually ran round behind us supporters (including Shirley and Mrs Slark) who were standing behind the goal to lay in to the Uxbridge player who had not only fouled Jake's brother Joe but then kicked the ball as far as he could into the rugby field to waste time. It was out of character for Jake and he was distraught afterwards. It was a replay of Middx Intermediate Cup tie against Uxbridge Reserves. We'd drawn 2-2 at Uxbridge and lost the replay up the Rec by the odd goal. In the Middx Intermediate Cup we got to play against the reserve sides of senior amateur clubs so it was always exciting to play at grounds with stands and terracing.
    The Winifred Attwell game was a Middx Junior Cup game against a side with a funny name (could it have been Hurlingham Oddfellows?). About a thousand people turned up at Hatherop Rec and our opponents must have wondered what they'd got themselves into. My main memory of that is that one of Winifred's entourage of bodyguards had the most ill-fitting toupee I'd ever seen.
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  5. Guinghampton, thanks for all the detail, have learnt a lot and proved my memory has not completely gone!
    Now the old brain has gone into memory lane, we had local derbies against the water board whose ground was in Oldfield Road -must be one of the most local of derbies! Around the pitch there was stored lots of large water pipes and occasionally the ball would go into one and had to be retrieved by spectators which was not always that easy!
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  6. Those MWB - Hampton derbies always got a sizeable turnout. There seemed to be people standing side by side round the whole pitch which must have been more than we usually get now for a National South match. Just like the Liverpool-Everton thing in Liverpool, every family on the Priory Rd council estate where I lived was either "MWB" or "Hampton". We, as Hampton fans, were in the minority. Hampton supporters tended to come from posher parts like Hatherop Rd and Broad Lane.
  7. Les 1949

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    Terrific stuff, lads
  8. Larry

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    Fantastic memories. Get together lads and get a memory booklet together.
    It will be a great read for all us true fans. A bit of profit for the club?
  9. Lord Elpus

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    Hmmmm... a lightbulb moment!
    I've been looking to compile a football related book project for some time. This could be it. I'd be happy to take it on because even just going by this thread there are potentially some great contributions to be made. I'll put together some ideas, look at the viability of getting something printed and bound (as Tony did with his History of Hampton book some years back) and put something on the forum later. Larry is right, all proceeds could go to the club, even if it just pays the ref one Saturday!
  10. SteveM

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    Ricky Walkes diving header at the Bev, late 80s/early 90s, don't recall the oppo, not much of an anorak sorry
  11. Lord Elpus

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    Jeez, is that it?? Looks like I've got my work cut out with some people!
  12. I think my first match at the Bev was a 2-2 draw with Epsom & Ewell some time around 88/89. Without question the old man can confirm the details as they are all in those little red books that he keeps in the family vault. I'm sure we also saw a game against Hounslow at the old Denbigh Road stadium about the same sort of time but I can't remember if that was before or after the game at home.
  13. Les 1949

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    Just back up from wiping the dust off my shoes, must get a new battery for my torch....

    Your (and Stef's) first game was a pre-season friendly at Denbigh Road

    1990/91 Hounslow 0 Hampton 0 8th August

    followed by Hampton 1 Staines Town 1 15th August

    first league game a week later, v Leatherhead 0-1

    So long as we know
  14. SteveM

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    The goal was at the clubhouse end of the ground, may have been overcast that day.
  15. I knew the Hounslow game was one of the first. I walk down Denbigh Road every day on my way to work at LBH HQ so it is quite fixed in my memory. Can't say I remember the others though, although I was 9 so I guess I can be forgiven. I do 100% remember a game against E&E though.
  16. Les 1949

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    You were probably too busy rolling around on the grass attempting to beat up your brother, much to the bemusement of the regular Hampton fans, to take much notice.. Epsom & Ewell was on 24th November at Beveree, result 2-0.
    I do recall how upset you both were when Lee Orkney was replaced as 1st team keeper.

    So long as we know.
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    First Hampton game I watched was in 1957 at Hatherop road with my Dad.
  18. Big Rich

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    You didn’t take the club car that day I fancy.

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    Neither HM or Mr Barbel had passed their driving tests in 1957,
    I suspect?
  20. He would have had to make do with his little Dinky.

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