AFC Fylde owner Haythornwaite says he won't buy Blackpool

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    Multi-millionaire AFC Fylde owner David Haythornwaite says he has "no interest whatsoever" in buying Blackpool Football Club.

    Fans have speculated that Haythornwaite could possibly table a takeover bid, given he supports the club and made two unsuccessful attempts in the past.

    But the Lytham businessman says he wants to "put the record straight" and insists he won't be making a third offer. Asked by The Gazette if he was interested in buying the club,

    Haythornwaite replied: "Do you want the short answer? If so, then no."

    He explained: "It's well known that I tried to buy the club twice before but I did not agree with how it was being run.

    "But I left to take over my own football team, so now I have no interest whatsoever, despite being constantly associated with a supposed bid."I have no interest at all in purchasing Blackpool Football Club.

    "Saying that, I do hope the fans get the club back and it does now look like it might happen."

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