Beavers v Poole Town 18th November 2017

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Beavers v Pole Town 18th November 2017

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  1. Beavers win

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  2. Poole Win

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  3. Score Draw

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  4. No Score Draw

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  1. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

  2. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    Have faith and we will win Promotion. In Dowse we trust. Into a play off place fantastic. Think I have had to much beer again .
  3. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    It wasn't always pretty but we ground out another win, this time to go 5th. We missed Casey and Napa but somehow clung on against a Poole side who looked a shadow of the team they were last season. Coombes looked decent enough but far from match fit, and looked to be struggling near the end, when personally I'd have thrown on young Dylan Randall, who I'd like to see against Harlow in the Trophy next week. Give the lad a chance!
  4. tony

    tony Member

    Collier did well as a fill in left back and the defence was sound throughout. Despite a lot of attacking play we still lacked a little with the final ball and couldn’t find the second goal that would have killed off the game.

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  5. Several changes in the lineup, difficult playing conditions, but the run continues.
    Thought we played well at times. Adam Coombs is not match fit, but he gave us glimpses of what he can bring to the side as a striker/target man. Took his goal well.
    Brendan also back, was full of tricks and looked very dangerous.
    There were periods of the game when Poole pressed and had a lot of possession, but Howes was not that troubled making only one excellent first half save. Defence was sound and Wassmer again continued his recent fine form.
    Probable changes for the Cup match next week which may test the unbeaten run.
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  6. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Definite changes for the TROPHY match, you mean, as we already know that Bradley will either be back at his parent club or won't play to avoid being ineligible to represent them in the same competition, along with Coombs for the same reason. And the 13 game unbeaten run is in the league; we lost to Truro in the Cup on October 14 -- since then we've had a seven-game WINNING run. Thought Cook had a good game today, solid. With Josh coming back in we could revert to Nathan at right back.

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