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    IF you think you live a hectic lifestyle, have a look at Dowse’s itinerary for this weekend.

    This Saturday afternoon, he will be in charge of the team at Hungerford before setting off directly for the North East, where he is doing the Great North Run on Sunday morning.

    The GNR is Britain’s best-known event, after the London Marathon, and is run on a half-marathon course (13.1 miles) from Newcastle to South Shields. You will be able to watch it on TV.

    There is a brief time for relaxation and recovery before he sets off on Monday for Evesham United FC, where the Beavers will be playing a league match that evening against Gloucester City.

    Dowse was nursing an injury this week but is still determined to complete the Great North, to raise money for Redheugh Boys Club in Gateshead, where he began his footballing days.

    Don’t be surprised if you see him nodding off on the bench at Evesham!

    In the meanwhile, if you think his efforts deserve some reward you can go to to contribute.

    Good luck to Dowse!
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