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Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by TW3Beaver, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. ISAAC2017

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    Done a bit of scouting so heard on grapevine there's been few bigger clubs interested in Brendan but clubs like keeping there cards close to there chest this time of the season & wouldn't wont anything going public. I think Brendan was the stand out player against Dartford & Welling and a passionate player when i've watched him.
    Fans & managers can get a bit emotional when things don't go well for the team, rather than analytical & start getting negative & blaming players, officials & resorting to clichés about players 'not trying or wanting it enough'. Thinking about it in terms of performance analysis, the team probably need someone who can pass the ball quickly in the midfield, if not from defence & get the ball forwards & to the wingers, I think Bradley & Brendan can open any defence up if they get quick ball on the floor.
    I think in lots of games this year & against Concord recently the defenders were over-hitting long balls over the top , which was giving up easy possession easily & frustrating the attacking players. The lack of passing has resulted in a lack of goals throughout the team this season.
    Hopefully the manager can put his thinking cap on & come up with a tactical solution, rather than blaming the players which he was in part resorting to again after Saturdays game. Best to build confidence in the camp going into a crucial part of the season & talk about the talent in the team & get them all believing in my opinion.
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  2. tony

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    Brendan has been at " bigger" clubs before joining us but let's face it players are constantly being approached and they will keep their options open even if they ultimately remain where they are.

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  3. The chauffeur

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    Sounds like you might be Brendans agent or his best pal! You obviously don't know the boss too well given the comments you have made and you obviously believe he lacks tactical nous which I find rather laughable given his record as a manager. Sometimes the players do need to take a look at themselves and most of them are honest enough to accept that. Finally, with respect, Brendan's effort at Concord in the opening 45 minutes was, as I previously stated, disinterested. He can do so much better!
    Time to head off to Dorset now............come on the Beavers!!
  4. Rob Overfield

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    Once the players cross the white line they’re on their own! Dowse primes them but if the players get knocked out of the plan, there’s not a lot he can do. Personally, I think this season’s lack of goals has got to Brendan and I wonder if the goal bonus is affecting his play?
    Generally there looks to be shortage of confirdence within the players; once upon a time, there would be first time shots and they would come off, but now they’re all trying to make certain, taking extra touches to control the ball and so losing out.
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