New signings by the weekend...

Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Lord Elpus, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. hrbfc__fan

    hrbfc__fan Member

    Got a feeling sam howes might come on loan
  2. cliffp

    cliffp Member

    On loan from which club?
  3. As he has left West Ham he needs to get fixed up before he can go on loan.
    Would be surprised if this happens this quick.
    The final signing today could be a keeper or perhaps a central defender?
  4. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Well I certainly hope its a keeper. Never been keen on this idea of depending on loan keepers. Yes it would be amazing to have Sam Howes back but I'm sure he's got an agent who'll be pushing for trials at another full time club. However, if he decides to take the Lowe road (!) he might want to come and put himself in the shop window for a while. It would be fantastic to think it could happen but we're a long drop down from West Ham.
  5. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    The next signing is Charlie Wassmer, yet another central defender. Spent last season out on loan from Maidenhead at Gosport and Kingstonian.
    Still need a keeper. Is that it for today? With all Rob's hype about saving the best till last I've lost track.
  6. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    You know, there might be a reason for this paragraph....

    Dowse brings in another defender to TW12 in the last of a weekend of player signings
  7. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Yeah alright smart alec. I just couldnt remember if there was supposed to be another of last season's side re signing. Plus with all your hype about leaving the best till last I thought we might have been expecting Messi or something.
  8. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    Never said anything about saving best til last... :D

    All of today's players have had experience at higher levels within the game, some with FL experience.

    Dowse is now left to try and find a keeper who can do the job AND fit into the dressing room; he doesn't like any attitude in there or any primadonnas.

    He'll do it I'm sure.

    Now I'm off for a drink; it's too hot for this northern lad...
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  10. Quite a lot to take in over the last few days. I like to look at the fans forums to get a impression of the player who they have watched regularly.
    Max seems to have been regarded as a good player but injury prone.
    Charlie failed to earn many plaudits from Ks but he was loaned into a struggling team.
    With all these players it will be best to give them our support and back Dowse's judgement.
  11. From Rob's remarks it seems that the only outstanding position to fill is a keeper.
    With regards to Howes, the word is that he may join a Premier league team. They might be interested in lending him out , but his new manager may well want to assess him at close quarters before deciding what the best route is in his development.
    Dowse and the club may be very happy to have him on a season loan and the player likewise would not be adverse to returning, but the final decision rests at his new club.
    Knowing Dowse, he will be assessing the situation and drawing up a list of alternatives.
  12. Drage has signed for Eastbourne. Will be playing against us this coming season.

    ALLY ALLY ALLY O New Member

    I see Chenua Cole played for us as a triallist vs Partick Thistle, believe he recently got released by Eastleigh a year into a 3-year contract. Hear he's a decent player, although not sure we need another left back given quality of Josh

    ALLY ALLY ALLY O New Member

    Any impending news on the GK situation Rob?
  15. Cole was well rated at Staines and is by all accounts a useful left back. As you say, Casey has been our first choice left back for a couple of years and has been very good, he can also play in midfield and if we are light on numbers there he could switch to allow Cole to play? Pure speculation on my behalf!
    As for keeper, Dowse may be happy to let Bishop start the season and hope Howes can come on loan?

    ALLY ALLY ALLY O New Member

    Could be a good shout although Dowse may be reluctant to move our best defender into midfield.

    Dowse certainly has something up his sleeve on the GK front, surely. Bishop is decent and played really well last season in between Aaron Howe leaving and Sam joining, however if we're going to be putting up a seriously strong promotion challenge this season then I think we'll have to sign a more experienced keeper. Surprised we didn't go in for the chap who left Staines at the end of last season. Would be fantastic to see Sam return, but obviously we're now at the behest of Watford and not convinced we can hold out for too long before making alternative arrangements.
  17. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Totally agree with that. In fact I got the impression at the start of last season that we were hoping Mark Smith might sign for us and when he didn't we were left with Aaron Howe.
  18. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    Nothing that's come to my ears, but then I'm always last to know...

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