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    Malcolm played one game, 14th Feb 1977 in a Premier Midweek Floodlit game against Addlestone. The manager at the time was Ted Murphy.
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    Seven players made their debut that night in a Southern Combination Cup match at Met Police. Met Police won 2-0.
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    How would you know?

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  4. Tony as I said, the game was a first team fixture but filled by the reserves. We played that week Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. As the Combination cup was the least important fixture that week the reserves fulfilled the fixture. Keith Hanna was one of these players making their debut.
    I will look out the other names when I get a few minutes!
  5. Ref the Met Police game mentioned above.
    Removing this result the club would have won 16 matches on the trot including the first two of the next season.
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    The other debutants were,
    Keith McTear, Mike Horne, Phil Keefe, Johnny Sawyer, M Chelton, Andy Steven.

    McTear never appeared again, Horne only ever made 6 apps in 2 seasons, Keefe made 11 apps over 4 seasons, Sawyer only played the once, Chelton only played the once, Steven made 11 apps over 3 seasons. Keith was the only one to establish a first team presence making 137 appearances in 8 seasons.
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  7. Thanks Les, saved me a job tomorrow.
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    1966 wasn't a leap year,so I make Keith 16 and 284 days if he made his debut on 10th May?
  9. Wouldn't that depend on whether Keith was born before or after 6.30pm?
  10. Based on this evidence, then Keith is our youngest player to make his first team debut? Until another name pops up!
  11. By chance, I found this photo which I reckon must be 65/66 and is that Keith Hanna back row on the right? The gentleman standing in front of him (jacket open, white shirt) is Bill Hamley, who also was mentioned in this thread as Perry Tunesi's grandad. The goalkeeper next to Keith (if that is indeed Keith) is Andy Steven who also got a mention in this thread. And, of course, back row right is Alan Duddy.

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  12. Interesting remember the photo, probably got a copy in my archive some where.
    Andy Steven is next to Keith Hanna. You are right about Bill Hanley.
    Think I can name all but a couple of players and all but one of the committee folk.
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    Okay, using the example of Solomon - a wise King mentioned in the Old Testament - faced with two women claiming the same baby, suggested cutting it in half. The real mother of course fell on her knees and pleaded for the baby's life to be saved by giving it to the 'fake' mum. Solomon was then able to determine the true mother.

    Where is this leading? I suggest that Dylan is regarded as the youngest player in the 21st Century whilst, (currently) Keith is the youngest player from the 20th Century at 16 yrs and 283 days -1966 was not a leap year, not divisible by 4 (you can learn a lot on this forum!).

    Anymore for anymore!!
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    Great photo, not seen that one before, have added it to my pics.

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