1. The club now lists 17 players. 1 keeper, 7defenders, 6 midfield and 3 strikers. This included the players from last season that have stilll not signed. Only obvious space left to fill being a keeper.
    The squad currently listed looks balanced , providing cover as well as substitutes ,injury and suspension depth, but should some of these players leave then replacements need to be found.
    Speaking personally I hope Kiernan stays , he can wide as well as upfront, in addition Murphy who provides an alternative to the two new players at the heart of the defence. Jolley is currently listed as the third attacker and we need contrast in this area. Of other players mentioned, when he is back in the country, then perhaps Ben Harris may provide an alternative?
    As Rob commented, the players must be harmonious in the dressing room as this harmony makes all the difference on the pitch.
    Still think there will be changes before the season starts in earnest.
  2. Mawgan

    Mawgan Member

    Good job someone is keeping a count of our squad Shepp. Not having a reserve team means it will be difficult to give everyone playing time if they are not in the first team as a permanent fixture.
    I'm most impressed with the 'quality' of the players that Dowse has been allowed to recruit, particularly the new midfielders, they have been fully professional League players at some stage in their careers. Hope our 'youngsters' can learn from them as they develop their skills / physicality as part of the first team squad. Pleased that Ryan Moss has been signed, I suggested some time ago that he would be better off at the Bev rather than have to go with K's to Leatherhead to play his football, it will be interesting to see how he copes with Conf South defenders.
  3. Don't forget that five players are on the substitute bench so 16 are involved so only 3 outfield players are not involved (assuming the reserve keeper is involved ) and then there will changes due to injuries, tactics, suspensions etc.
  4. Rob Overfield

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    FYI Dowse is looking at a squad of just 20 players, so there is still room for introductions.
  5. Th
    Thanks Rob . Depends whether it is 3 more or replacements as well as some leave.
    Might be another hectic weekend fo you!
  6. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    Suspect the rest will be announced at a more sedate pace...
  7. Rob your article ' taking stock ' seems to suggest that players from last season will be with us next season, for example Bishop.
    Does this article therefore assume these players are staying, but to date, they have not committed themselves.
  8. Rob Overfield

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    The players from last season listed were not on the 'released list' as I received it from the board.

    The following are under 'Returning, so far': Bishop, Collier, Jelley, Kamara, Casey, Gallagher, Jolley, Culley and Federico.

    Anyone listed in the article but not on the above list, in absence of any further information, are still listed as being part of the squad for simplicity's sake.
  9. As the squad will be 20 then as well as the keeper Dowse will be looking at defense and midfield to complete the squad? Although that could change if some unsigned players leave.
  10. Thanks Rob, for the information but perhaps it is me I am still not sure . Casey has signed a 2 year contract yet is described as 'returning so far'.?
    No mention of Kiernan. (Sorry assume he is in the rest list. )
    Don't wish to be difficult but just a bit confused, might be me misunderstanding!
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  11. BHH

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    SHP just signed for the dark side

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  12. Rob Overfield

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    I think it's means 'those whom the management have agreement with', so far.
  13. Thanks Rob it is clearer, my interpretation is that of the 17 players listed. Murphy, Solomon and Kiernan are the only ones who have not yet agreed a deal for the comming season.
  14. tony

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    Still some way to go in my view before we know the squad that will start the League season. Still lots of conversations to be had and assessments to be made through the PSF programme. Players will be negotiating right up until the last week of pre season and I guess we will be disappointed that we'll miss out on some targets and and very pleased to have signed others. No disrespect to last season's squad but we are looking to improve the overall quality to go further than last year if we can. We'll all have different views on whether individual players are an improvement or not. I personally have not seen many of the new names play before so will be exciting to see how they fit in. Dowse will be looking for a team that blends well together on and off the pitch and will be very demanding of both new and established players so what we start with won't necessarily be what we finish with. I know Dowse is working hard to get the best squad he can so let's see how things shape up once we get into the meat of the PSFs.

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  15. Tony. From what you write it seems that the Board have set PSF as a attainable target and presume have given Dowse the backing to achieve it.
    Sounds like a bold decision and one we should all applaud.
    Looks like there are likely to be more additions to given the team the caliber of player and the strength in depth to achieve this.
  16. tony

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    PSF = pre season friendly. Given play off places now extend down to 7th officially I see no reason why we couldn't reach that level again. The League feels a bit more open this time around. But then again it's going to be a new team so there has to be some risk around that statement.

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  17. Tony. I took it as Playoff Semi Final!! Not very good with this technology!
    As for signings, those already made,as you said, need to watch them in action to assess . To a point their playing record give indication of how they might perform?
    Let's see if we get other players as I would hope, they might indicate what success we might achieve this coming season.
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  18. Lord Elpus

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    I understand that it may have initially looked like Leon Solomon was released but he has in fact succumbed to a career ending injury. Any truth in this? If so it's a real shame. Good, experienced head in the middle of the park. He'll be missed. Not sure why this wasn't known before now.
  19. If this is correct, then condolences to Leon, never the best way to finish. No doubt will hear officially shortly.
    Kiernan is now the only one whose future is not clear, signed squad down to 14 at present, still time!
  20. tony

    tony Member

    Leon was struggling with an injury at the end of last season sustained over at Spelthorne I think and has not trained with us so far in pre season.I believe he was due to see a consultant over the summer and then decide his future.

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