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  1. GeoffArnold
    GeoffArnold GeoffA
    Slough Town Saturday - I watched the video highlights of Slough’s 5-0 demolition of Staines Town at Wheatsheaf Lane in their pre-season friendly. They look a competent and confident outfit with some squad members familiar to the Beveree - Alan Inns, George Wells, Manny Williams. Looks like a tough early test for the new Beevers.
  2. SteveM
    SteveM tracey
    Hi Tracey, will the bar be open at 3pm for the England game today?
  3. Guingamptonian
    Guingamptonian Rob Overfield
    Apologies. Got you mixed up with Big Rich.
  4. Guingamptonian
    Guingamptonian Rob Overfield
    It was Anonymous user on 6 May at 13.21
  5. Guingamptonian
    Guingamptonian Rob Overfield
    Rob, pls remove yr post that suggests it was me that changed our nickname to Sausagemen on Wiki. It was, in fact, continued on next message
  6. Guingamptonian
    Are you sure that Shirley has written something for the book? I was talking to her on Saturday and she said she wanted someone to help her get her ideas on paper. I was planning to ring her this evening to see if I could help her.
      Yes, I have done it for her. She has the draft and there are a couple of amendments.
      Mar 1, 2018
  7. Guingamptonian
    was wondering if your contribution to Nick's memories book includes anything about the Win Atwell visit. If so, I'll not write another one.
      Yes a little but I don’t think it matters, from memory, your comments were in far greater detail. I don’t think it matters if there is duplication. I am trying to get Shirley to make a contribution, as she has so much more knowledge of these early days.
      Jan 31, 2018
  8. Ian jelley
    Ian jelley
    Can anyone tel me how many games Tom Jelley played for Hampton?
  9. Les 1949
    Les 1949 cliffp
    Cliff, I need some work on my fence at the front of our property, 33 The Alders.

    Replacing the old fence/posts with new posts and 4 ft high picket fence. Maybe you could take a look?

  10. Ian jelley
    Ian jelley
    Tom Jelley will be leaving The Beavers, thanks for all the good times
  11. GeoffA
    Last weekend's Non-Leaguepaper showed Hampton third nationally with 5 players scoring more than 10 goals. And Charlienow going to Slough.
  12. Ian jelley
    Ian jelley
    Tom Jelley did not take a penalty today
  13. Mucky knees
    Mucky knees Scott
    I knew Emma Marlow has left the club I was surprised about the reasons of joining AFC wimbledon ladies development team but squad stronger
  14. Hampton mad
    Hampton mad
    Derick Edwards
  15. Mucky knees
    Mucky knees Rob Overfield
    HM is nothing but a troll and is being given a free rein on this board why is he allowed to continue?

  16. Rob Overfield
    Re: Ben Harris, I can't break the omerta of the dressing room... Would destroy trust in me, and I'm not having that! :-)
  17. Hampton mad
  18. Mucky knees
    Mucky knees Rob Overfield
    When is that berk Hampton Mad going to be warned about his facetious remarks?

  19. Mucky knees
    Mucky knees Scott
    I am getting sick and tired of Hampton Mads inane and pathetic comments on our forum, time for a first warning...

  20. TeddingtonRob
    Does anyone else agree ?