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  1. I haven't seen the Orient lad. Is he any better than Dylan Randall and is Dylan still with us?
  2. Lord Elpus

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    Personally, after having seen him, I haven't seen much to suggest that he is any better than Dylan. He does potentially look a bit stronger in the air though.
    Not sure if he is still with us, although I think I remember someone saying he's on dual reg somewhere like Hanworth Villa? If he is, its not going to be at all easy for him there in such a struggling team.
  3. Mucky knees

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    Les as you were going to St. Ives how many people did you meet? (I'll get my coat!)

  4. This thread illustrates much of what has been previously mentioned.
    Is the present team good enough to keep us up and if not, can Gary recruit in the remaining two weeks the right type of players to ensure our survival.
    Gary’s signings record has caused much comment, particularly when they are quickly discarded, have injury record or young loan players unable to make an immediate impact.
    With just a couple of weeks to go, I like many, would like to see any recruitment that gives some assurance.
  5. Hampton mad

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    I think we are walking around in the dark without a torch. And have a good chance of falling into The Bostik. Unless we get things sorted quick.
  6. It would probably be the Evo-stik Southern so even more reason for getting things sorted.
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  7. Hampton mad

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    Bostik or Evo-Stik. We will get stuck in one of them.
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  8. SteveM

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    Hopefully we won’t be saying UHU to either
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  9. Hampton mad

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    We need a Gorilla at the back. To Loctite the defence.
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  10. SteveM

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    Or we’ll look a right bunch of Pritts (didn’t know I was South African did you?)
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    HM always the optimist

  12. Mawgan

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    I've got a 'cunning plan', 'a la Baldrick' involving Ian Hodges, and he doesn't even have to leave Cornwall. As Ian was always good at 'delivering the goods' for Hampton. On Sat 22nd April get Ian to personally deliver a 'shedload' of his local Pizza Express Pizzas, [especially the greasy salami covered ones], to the Truro City team bus for their players to eat on the way to Hampton.
    If this cunning plan works and the Truro players are suitably affected by their pizza diet Ian will be eligible to earn himself a Hampton win Bonus [possibly funded by the Beavers Trust or crowd funding, if we cannot use any of the cash earned from the FA cup run! that is]
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  13. Looks like East Thurrock think they might engineer an escape.
    Watched Dulwich highlights against St Albans. In his post match interview Gavin Rose was very unhappy and said he intended to bring in a couple of players to ensure they stayed up and not ruin all the hard work in recent years.
    Will be interested to see what our rivals do with their squads in the next week.
  14. tony

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    WestonSM have sacked their manager

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