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    Had not spotted this before.

    On Christmas Saturday 1967 (Dec 23), our reserve team beat Chalfont St Peter 15-1 (at Beveree).
    Scorers were Dave Boothman 9 (yes NINE), Brian Smith 2, Dave Timberlake 2, Keith Hanna & Julian Goodlace.

    A week later he only scored 4 in a 7-0 defeat of Staines Town! 13 goals in two games.

    Boothman was the joint leading scorer for the Reserve Section of the Spartan League, registering 33 goals (Addlestone's J Clogg - what a great name for a footballer - also notched 33).

    19 year old Boothman scored the bulk of his 33 league goals by 20th January and then was reported as having been offered a trial by Grimsby Town - but then it seems then he was offered Amateur forms with Brentford. How many goals might he have scored for the reserves if he hadn't been signed by Brentford.He did re-appear later in the season, after injury, and scored a few more goals, it is unclear how long he stayed with the Bees.

    Boothman had played for the first team in 67/68 scoring 6 goals in 5 appearances. He made a brief return in 72/73 playing 5 times without finding the net, for the first team - but continued to score for the reserves that season before leaving the club..
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    Do Justin's dad scored a brace???

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    Robbie Brownett says he saw Dave Boothman at the weekend, and he is still living in Sunbury.
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    Do you know how many 1st team games Julian Goodlace played in
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    Dave Boothman was watched by Jimmy Sirrel The Brentford Manager on Sunday 28th Jan 1968. Playing for East Twickenham v Hampton juniors in the Richmond and Twickenham youth league cup semi final. Ray Thorpe scored for Hampton. East Twickenham scored in the last few minutes. The game went to Extra time East Twickenham scored the winner. Dave Boothman did not score. But was signed by Brentford. And i was late home for my wifes 21st Birthday.
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    First Team debut 20/03/1968 between then and 1976/77 made 62 appearances, scoring 2 goals.
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    Dave Boothman never made a first team appearance for Brentford, according to my Brentford Who's Who.
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  8. I watched a lot of Hampton Reserves matchers at that time and the Ressies could have probably beaten over half of the teams in the Senior Section of the Spartan League they were that good. Good players and also players that had (and still did in Sunday football) played regularly together. Such was the strength of the 1st Team though at the time Dave really couldn't find a regular place in the team.
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    Robbie Brownett has been doing some research. He suggests that there were probably not too many supporters watching the Reserves 15-1 victory over Chalfont St. Peter that day. The First Team were playing away to Barking (at their old Vicarage Field ground in the town centre) in an F.A. Amateur Cup, Fourth Qualifying Round replay. This would have been a very big match for Spartan League Hampton at the time, and presumably a good Hampton contingent travelled to the game. Does anyone have memories of this over 50 years ago?

    The Barking tie had been a bit of a saga with the first match at Beveree being abandoned at half-time due to snow. When the match was re-staged at Hampton it resulted in a 3-3 draw, after Rob believes Hampton had been leading 3-0 at half-time. The replay at Barking on 23rd December 1967 resulted in a 2-4 defeat.
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    Got a shock when I saw the Staines programme on twitter from 1967.1 of my brother's was 2nd leading scorer for reserves with 14 goals.Only ever knew him as a deep lying centre back.His joking answer was playing as an attacking midfielder was too easy, so he became a defender to give someone else a chance
  11. I didn't go to the replay at Barking but I was at both home matches v Barking. In the first match that was abandoned at half-time i'm pretty sure that Hampton were leading through a Ken Merry penalty before it was abandoned. We should have also won the second game.
  12. Like you, I was at both home games and, in the first, we were leading 1-0 (Ken Merry) on a pitch with a thick covering of snow. For the second game, we were without keeper Joe Andrews and his replacement, Andy Stevens, normally very competent, didn't have the best of second halves.
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    Was it Andy Steven or Andy Stevens? I have seen his name recorded both ways, confusing.
  14. Now you mention it, Les, I think it was Steven. We did have another goalie called Brian Stevens in the 60/61 season which may have caused my confusion.
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