2020/21 Fixture List

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  1. ChazRivers

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    Good to have the fixtures out, something to look forward to!

    When the website post states; ‘The Beavers now know who they are scheduled to play when the season begins on October 3rd’ (The FA Cup game), who are we scheduled to play?

    Couldn’t find anything on The FA. So is that just a typo and meant to say the 6th?

  2. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    I guess it's a typo really...we know we have an FA Cup game on the 3rd but obviously don't know who it's against, whereas the first league game is indeed on the 6th away to St. Albans.
    Don't the lower leagues start before us? We need to make sure we're competitive for the FA Cup game...if we're drawn against a side from below us they might have played a few league games already.
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  3. Les 1949

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    Isthmian & Southern Leagues start their matches on 19th September, having already started playing F A Cup matches. Combined Counties started on 5th Septemebr so any clubs from those leagues will have had plenty of competitive football.
  4. ChazRivers

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    Indeed I was down at Molesey’s loss to Southall in the last round, and am in Devon this week and thinking of perhaps visiting Bideford AFC or Barnstaple on their journey to Wembley on Saturday
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  5. Lord Elpus

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    Went to see Bideford play a few years ago when on holiday down there. Intriguing ground but with a running track round it if memory serves. Think we were some way from the pitchside anyway.
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