32: Covid-19 football shutdown, Concord Rangers & Consett AFC

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    With the footballing world on an indefinite shutdown, Dave Anderson joins Tim Fuell via the internet - with a few signal issues - and they discuss the way forward and options ahead for the non league world in challenging ever-changing times.
    Speaking with Antony Smith, Chairman at National South Concord Rangers, they hear how despite having to shut down the club to visitors, there's still much work going on behind the scenes and they are hopeful of getting the chance to finish the season including their FA Trophy Semi Final that should have been played this weekend.
    Terry Mitchell has a breadth of experience and qualifications in football. This weekend should have been his reward for a lifetime commitment to the game, with the Consett side he manages due to feature in the FA Vase Semi Final. With the nationwide shut-down he now awaits information as to when, even if that game will be played plus with two other games in the football industry, his whole week and work have dried up instantly. Hear how he's coping and how he hopes it will turn out.
    Matt Badcock is Editor at Large of The Non League Paper who this week will be looking at the impact of the virus and shutdown across the country. There's a comprehensive paper planned to hit the newsstands this Sunday as he explains.

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