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    ..before we get into the last 4 games of the season, and with so much at stake, it is probably a good time just to pause and reflect where we are compared to 12 months ago.

    This season after 42 games we have 85 points and are in 1st place, four points ahead of the chasing pack.

    Last season after 42 games we had 45 points and were in 20th place, teetering on relegation (4 wins in 4 propelled us up to the heady heights of 15th!).

    There have been many comments made about what Dowse should or shouldn't do regarding getting players in or not. Leave Dowse to go about his business and don't second guess him and just think about what has happened in one short year. We have gone from strong relegation candidates to bookies favourites to get back to the National League South. At the start of the season most supporters would have settled for a top ten place or maybe, with fingers crossed, hoping for a play off place. No one was predicting that with just a few games to go that we were, at the very least, in the play offs, and potentially, champions.

    No only has Dowse judiciously re-vitalised the playing staff he has also raised our profile in the local community. Dowse has been going into local schools and local school children are being coached by H&RBFC through Simon and his coaching staff. We have even managed to get Twickenham Prep kids through the gates! The businesses in Hampton Village know who Dowse is, he has become part of the local community and by doing so getting the name of the club even better known. I can't think of a manager in my time who has been so community orientated.

    Regardless of what happens in the next four games Dowse deserves every accolade going for what he has done for our club since he arrived. He and Martin Tyler are worth their weight in gold!

    And if Bognor overcome us, well good luck to them - but they will be very tired!
  2. footballmad

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    Well said Les, i agree with every word you say, we are a club on the up and Dowse & Martin are doing an amazing job, to get the club from relegation to top of the table in 12 months is beyond any expectations that could have been hoped for, i see we have another family day happening on saturday, which is another brilliant development this year, the growing number of kids and familys now coming to the games is a great sign of a club on the rise, we have some excellent young players now , who will get better and develop under Dowse Martin & Ians coaching & management, with the right additions and Dowse & Martin leading us, if we can get promoted, we could start to push towards maybe getting into the conference in a couple of years, first we need to get behind the team and concentrate on getting promoted, tell everyone about the family day this saturday...lets get as big a crowd as we can for the last few home games and be the 12th man for the lads, its been a long time since i was so excited about the potential of our club, if we can get a massive crowd for the next few matches, maybe it might boost the clubs coffers and help us bring back a Harry Taylor or someone else for the last games or the playoffs, Bognor made a fortune out of their cup run and have been able to go out and pay to strengthen their side for the run in...so lets try to cajole, persuade or even press gang as many people as we can to come along to the match on saturday and help support our title shot, and hopefully Bognors crazy schedule will catch up on them, they have some very trick games coning up, so hopefully they will falter...COYB..
  3. LBNo11

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    I have nothing but admiration for Alan, I met him recently when I invited him over to my company for a meeting about possible sponsorship. He is so passionate about football, and about Hampton and is doing all he can to promote the club in the area. He really has high ambitions for the club and he wants all those involved at the club from the cleaners to the girls preparing the matchday food to the stewards/volunteers etc., to all feel part of the club. He's a lovely and genuine man who feels the fans' pain and is not happy with failure, and has no illusions where the buck stops. I want him to continue his success at Hampton for our sake, and for him too...
  4. Would agree with what has been written about Dowse and the effort he has made to get the club 'on the up' both on and off the field. Wherever we finish the turn around from 12 months ago is astonishing. No doubt others have helped and they too must take credit.
    Onto the final 4 games, none easy, but we need 3 wins as a minimum to see off East Thurrock and perhaps all four wins to potentially see off Bognor and then we have done all we can, if Bognor pip us they will have had great end of season run.
  5. Hampton mad

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    I also think we should thank The Chairman and the board for getting the pitch and drainage sorted out so The team can now play on a nice surface without games being called off. Good luck to the team I hope we can go on and win the league. Dowse is doing a fine job and should be left alone to finish the job.
  6. SteveM

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    Would agree wholeheartedly with those sentiments, Les, Dowse has done an amazing job both on and off the pitch in such a short space of time and deserves massive praise for that. My only fear is that we do tend to rely on more or less the same starting XI every game and, having been in such a commanding position in the league for a fair chunk of the season, it would be a huge shame if we ultimately end up missing out in the final furlong due to fatigue. Obviously, clubs such as Bognor and Dulwich have bigger financial clout than us at present, so can afford to bring in extra players on loan, which may be beyond our reach. However, with the likes of Pacquette and Moone so far on the periphery, not all of our assets are being utilised.
  7. The chauffeur

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    Well said all of you and high time we heard some positive stuff about Dowse and his backroom team. I am a close friend and a big fan of all he does so some of the negative views I have listened to have been particularly irritating given what he has done for HRBFC. He is non stop and demands success of himself first before asking everybody else to fall in so to speak. Nobody expected this league position, not even him but hard work, the ability to cajole people around him and a passion for the task bring their own rewards.
    Everybody has an opinion and quite right too but for those who want to stand by the dugout and bleat off negative vibes and cheap shots about team selection and tactics then they should eventually expect a reaction from Dowse or any of his many friends and fans.
    So what if he used loads of players last season - he had a job to do, a tough one at that and he did it - surely the how bit is irrelevant! HRBFC stayed up.
    Now this - HRBFC are currently the Leicester City of non league and if Bognor prove fit enough and talented enough to win it with their overload of matches then we should congratulate them because it will be a great achievement - as it most certainly would if the Beavers finish as champions.
    Yes, champions, not a bad effort really when you look back just a year.
    Finally in response to the comment about the "same starting XI"; a fair point to a degree but then again when a team wins and keeps winning why change it. There has been a little tinkering of late to improve away form but for me the consistency of selection is another massive contribution to the 42 game position we find ourselves in.
    Good to have some really positive debate - well started Les!!
  8. tony

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    [QUOTE="Les No one was predicting that with just a few games to go that we were, at the very least, in the play offs, and potentially, champions![/QUOTE]

    I was, from the beginning of the season (play offs that is). Ye of little faith!
  9. Hampton mad

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    Enfield v Bognor late kick off 8pm. Latest Enfield 0 Bognor 1. 26 mins. 1.1 33 mins 2-1 Enfield 35 mins
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  10. Hampton mad

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    2-1 to Enfield ht
  11. Hampton mad

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    Enfield won 2-1.
  12. tony

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    Enfield win 2-1. Back where we were before Ks defeat.

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  13. SteveM

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    Get in!
  14. They still have a 3 point advantage over us if they win their games in hand. They go to Dulwich and K s for their next two games and from out point of view if they could drop points it would be very helpful.
    None of this means a thing if we fail to keep winning!
    The next 7 days may seen the outcome of the title/ play offs a bit clearer.
  15. Hampton mad

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    The Bookies think they will lose more games. The best odds now are.
    2/5 Hampton
    5/1 Bognor
    8/1 East Thurrock
    66/1 Enfield
    66/1 Leiston
    500/1 Tonbridge
    2,500/1 K's
    4,500/1 Dulwich
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  16. Stef

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    All we can do is beat Brentwood and then see what happens elsewhere. Sure there are more twists and turns to come in the next 22 days.
  17. Mucky knees

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    Put another monkey on Bognor so to maximise your winnings!

  18. Mucky knees

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    I wouldn't like to play Enfield final match of the season if they were still in with a shout for the playoffs...

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  19. If Bognor have lost a couple of games and we have won our next 3 games, then we will be champions regardless of the Enfield game.
    If both teams need to win, it could be a very tricky fixture!
  20. Mucky knees

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    If,if,if!!! Just let the season pan out and hopefully we are still in the driving seat not being able to be overtaken by the chasing teams before our fixture with Enfield kicks off on April 23rd


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