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    This one comes from the time that Tony Nash was the Programme Editor

    It was also a week after Reserve Team Secretary Paul Williams had died. Many came to stand on the terrace to mourn his passing. He would have enjoyed this.
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    20 years ago since that game and Paul's passing.

    Where has that time gone?
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    If I remember rightly we were seen as very much the underdogs in the build up to this game. Worcester were a pretty big club traditionally, and were an ex Conference side as well.
    Although 5-0 flatterred us a bit, we attacked in waves, and it wasn't completely undeserved. In those days the draw for the First Round Proper was after the results were all in, none of the ludicrous overhyped TV led shenanigans of nowadays. When it was broadcast in the bar later, loads of Worcester fans were still in there, a bit shell-shocked, but happy to cheer our good fortune in being drawn away to a league side, even if it was just Barnet.
  4. Yes a bittersweet day with Paul's passing and that great win.

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