Bath City at home on Saturday

Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by RogerSW, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. tony

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    FT 1-0 a penalty looked like the only way we were going to score a goal today. A better performance but still very few chances being created. Not just down to the strikers of course but with Muir out we may need to dip into the loan market again as I can’t see the current replacements being much of a threat. Bath will think themselves very unlucky to lose that late on.

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  2. TW3Beaver

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    Nice comeback from the disappointment of the midweek defeat.
  3. Whoryer

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    6 goals in 8 games isn't good enough and hopefully will improve if we can finally get a settled side.What a brilliant goalie we have got great saves every game
  4. tony

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    Only two sides have scored less than us in the league. Needs to change if we are to be serious play offs contenders.

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  5. SteveM

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    Love it when a plan comes together — up to eighth with Ebbsfleet and Maidstone in catching distance.
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  6. Yep mine was good too . I haven't seen a better matchday streaming service in this league so far (and that's having had to pay to watch some others) . Ours keeps improving week by week as does our social media presence which can only be a good thing .750+ viewers last up is testament to that
  7. RogerSW

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    Good streaming and commentary showing a love of non-league foorball, appreciated by all and complimented by Bath fans as well.

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  8. Hampton mad

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    Why do you eat a Sub before the game and a chocolate bar at half time Tiberius Anacrites.Thought we were a bit lucky to win today. Stream very good. Thought i was watching BT. Commentators did very well .
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  9. ???? Talking about fishing...

    I haven’t been to a game at the Bev since Oxford City back in March... and you still seem to think you know me. If you do, why haven’t you ‘outed’ me yet?

    I think you headed a football too often on your youth, HM.
  10. tony

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    I see Bath lost 4-1 at home to Dulwich last night which maybe puts our 1-0 win in perspective. It was Dulwich’s first win of the season.

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