1. After the home defeat on Tuesday, we entertain the side currently bottom of the league. At this time of the season the league table is not that meaningful as it might be a dozen or so games later on.
    We all hope for an improvement in the team especially in the areas that most supporters have highlighted as has Gary.
    Not sure what changes will be made, there are no obvious options that spring to mind if the same formation is retained and everything might depend on injuries. We do need a win, a further defeat followed by a couple of pointless away games in the next three games would start some alarm bells!
    Let’s hope for a good win and some smiles back.
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  2. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Is Taur's suspension immediate or is he available for this one?
  3. davc

    davc Member

    Is Obi still with us?
  4. Stef

    Stef Member

    Presume still awaiting international clearance as his last club was in Wales.
  5. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    At our level, suspensions kick in 7 days after the red card, so Taurean is available for Saturday.
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  6. tony

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    Josh McLeod-Urqhart has left the club due to difficulties in travelling so we will see a new right back tomorrow. A new defender will be recruited.

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  7. Can understand the reasons and so good luck to him in the future.
    By my calculations we have several players who can operate at right back and from what I have seen, they are capable of covering the gap.
    A new defender will be recruited, most on this forum would urge him to get in an experienced central defender.
  8. TW3Beaver

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  9. tony

    tony Member

    Another story of plenty of good chances either not taken or well saved by the opposition keeper and then conceding from a bit of poor defending. Must be very frustrating for the new management team but I would be more concerned if we weren't creating the chances. Defence looked better today with Corcoran in for Bowery and Eggleton at right back. Bath perhaps not as strong as Hemel going forward. Wellard made some good passes to set up Dickson and Joseph but we couldn't quite find the finish. We should have done better on the Bath goal having chances to clear a couple of times then failing to close down the shot which to be fair was a good strike. Roberts and Uchechi when they came on looked more dangerous than Murrell-Williams who is rather too predictable always wanting the ball on his left foot.

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  10. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Encouraging that we're creating so many chances but our conversion rate needs to improve sharpish -- we can't keep wasting opportunities to get points on the board and expect to remain in this division. We dominated this match and had at least half a dozen chances to break the deadlock before Bath had their first shot on target, well saved by Lovelock, before scoring what proved to be the winner with their second, from the resulting corner. With our profligacy in front of goal we can't afford to play Dundas as deep as he was today, especially when we're chasing the game, so why we didn't bring on Bowry, move Corcoran back into midfield and reinstate the big man up top I do not know; the like-for-like exchange of wingers that we got instead, and then replacing Dundas with Uchechi, seemed pointless to me. Tactics aside, extra target practice required for Dickson and Joseph this week.
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  11. davc

    davc Member

    Not sure Hampton could have played any better in the first half, they were brilliant going forward. Corcoran improved things at the back and was solid though he let the Bath player in for the goal. Must be incredibly frustrating for the manager. He obviously needs to keep them playing the attractive stuff but we need more steel to dig in when we are up against it especially away from home. The football is better than under Dowson but his teams knew how to come away from a 50:50 encounter with a 1-0 win.
  12. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    This wasn't a 50:50 though, it was pushing 70:30 in our favour, with us playing brilliantly, as you rightly say, and carving out a hatful of goal-scoring opportunities, so to come away from that without having found the back of the net is a tad disconcerting to say the least.
  13. Don’t think I can add much to the summing ups by others. Gary made a couple of tactical changes with Corcoran and Bray who looked the best central defenders combination seen so far. Dundas played deeper to help midfield but that left Dickson more on his own. The success or failure of these changes may well be evident over the next few games.
    As noted elsewhere, Bath did not look as good as Hemel, it may well be we saw two teams that will struggle this season.

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