"Beveree Refurbishment" / stand improvements

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  1. Jamie

    Jamie Member

    Seeing that the club have done brilliantly to secure ground improvements funding:

    I am just hoping that some real thought goes into any upgrades. Over the more recent years, due to the clubs close shaves with getting promotion to step 1, last minute upgrades have happened over several years. The horrible green seated 'temporary stand' in the corner. The bike shed style corrugated structure at the far end, that does the wonderful Keith Hussey's name by no means enough credit.
    The removal of the 'nob end' trees next to the Simpson stand.

    Whilst I understand terrific work has been done by people to get these works done to ensure if the team achieve success, that the club can progress. I really, truly hope, that these funds for the main stand improvements are not done as a rush job, or out of a box, standard replacement stand.

    Can anyone at the club give any further details of the plans for the improvements? Can any assurances be given, that it will be designed to look the same, or very similar, or influenced by the current layout and design so that Beveree keeps some heritage and resembles the ground we have all loved for so long?

    I am sure it can be done very cleverly and sympathetically to the history, whilst creating upgrades. I'm sure the new Press Box will have the correct modern day technology of enough plug sockets, usb ports, WiFi etc?

    How about making it work well with the conservation area that leads up to the 'top pitch' and doesn't become an eye sore - perhaps a grass topped roof etc... there will be further funding accessible by doing such things, and I know it would keep Mawgan and others more happy about building work, people who see the value of the nature right next to the club.

    Can anyone give any further info on the plans please?
  2. tony

    tony Member

    My understanding is that the bulk of the work will be on the standing terrace to shore up and fix crush barriers and then refurbish the seated stand. You don’t get much for £100K these days I’m afraid.

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  3. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Yep, that's pretty much what I heard. Nothing particularly exciting, just very neccesary stuff needed to keep us where we are.
  4. As Tony said the main work will be on the terrace, as I understand it, the steps are too steep by modern requirements so the surface will be upgraded and the barriers fitted. The capacity will then be increased as a result. At the rear of this terrace there will be a stronger retaining wall as when it was built (and I helped) it was just a mound of earth as the foundation!
  5. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Do we know by how much the capacity will be increased or the figure we are aiming for?
  6. tony

    tony Member

    The work will allow us to maintain existing capacity as the lack of crush barriers meant that the local council restricted official capacity to that area. The old stand work is to replace the now rotten flooring. A much needed repair. Seating capacity won’t change. Whilst the work might appear cosmetic it is vitally important to maintain current grading. Any further changes round the ground will a whole new project if and when funds are available.

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  7. When the terrace was first built it was designed for 800 people, from what I understand, restrictions due to lack of barriers etc have currently reduced the capacity by 25%. As Tony pointed out this work will restore the designed capacity.
  8. Adam

    Adam Member

    Has the work on this started if not is it due to be completed by the start of the season?
  9. Same thoughts did cross my mind.
    No doubt we will be given updates (and photos) when things get underway.
  10. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    I heard the other day it's not going ahead this year, it'll be next summer now. Doesn't matter, as long as it gets done eventually. Don't forget, these are not exciting new additions, just making sure what we already have is in good, useable working order.
  11. Nothing official on about a postponement which I would expect to be forthcoming.
    From my conversations I was under the impression that it was this summer! As long as we can still get the grant and have our own funds available which is the main thing.
  12. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    Has any thought been given to contacting Brentford, regarding seats, turnstiles, crush barriers etc that may be of some use.

    I notice that the tunnel cover, which I understand came from Ipswich, has seen better days, so the one at Griffin Park could be used, seeing as they will be moving out at the end of next season.
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  13. Richard

    Richard Member

    Good idea, doubt they will be taking much if anything at all, with them.

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