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  1. tony

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    Details of the new Boost the Budget Scheme can now be found on the Trust website, . Whatever your opinions about managers, players, formations and the like, it is clear that we have one of the lowest, if not the lowest, budgets in the division so anything we supporters can do to help improve that situation will help the club in its battle to stay in the Blue Square South. Details on how to join are on the Trust website and on Les Rance's next Trust Missive which should be winging its way to you later today and in the next few home programmes.
  2. Stef

    Stef Member

    And another one up to the top....things like this can make a difference and also give the supporters a voice on the board.
  3. tony

    tony Member

    Grateful to those who have indicated support so far but we need more to come forward to make this a success for the club.
  4. Suggests there is still some way to go! The origional write up was for 80 people at £10 per month or 160 at £5 per month. Finances for most of us are getting tighter, but it could be looked at the £5 per month as the equivilent of, say a couple of pints a month?
    The manager has stated that he needs an experienced striker to score the goals we need, perhaps this fund could be looked at in the light of these remarks?
  5. Cress

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    Last time I visited Hampton, £5 couldn't get me anywhere near a couple of pints!

    if this was on that Twitter thing, I think my message would end with
  6. tony

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    I wanted to bring this back to the top. Take up has not been great and whilst I appreciate that we are all giving on various fronts I would ask everyone to see if they could find a fiver a month to help on improving the budget position for the manager.
  7. MartinF

    MartinF New Member

    Hi Tony,

    I'm a season ticket holder and recently joined the Trust.

    Hey, I come in peace, but do have some questions about the Boost the Budget fundraiser. I'll definitely consider making a £10 per month donation, but would like to have a better understanding of the clubs situation. Please excuse the list. :)

    Assuming you get 80 @ £10.00 per month less prize winnings (is it 20%?), that leaves you £640. What does £640 per month get you in the BSqS marketplace? I'm guessing that's one additional player.

    What is the club looking to achieve this season? Is there a big loss in revenue if the club is relegated?

    Without wishing to pry (and I guess the club acccounts, albeit 12 months + old , are in the public domain) but are the finances so bad that £640 is beyond the clubs means?

    How does the manager plan to use this additional funding? How will it make a difference?

    In a commercial enviroment, it might be considered foolish to increase a budget where there's no track record of managing the existing budget effectively. - I guess that's a statement rather than a question.

    Where can I find a recent copy of the club accounts and director shareholdings, so I can be better informed?

    Apologies for the ramble. I'm typing this while consuming my lunchtime sandwich! Pret A Manger Cheese and Pickle - highly recommended.

    Genuinely just trying understand how HRBFC works.

    Best Regards
  8. Scott

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    Admin Post
    Any ideas how many we have signed up?

    Might be a nice idea for an amount or user participation counter somewhere to up the interest?
  9. tony

    tony Member

    We of course carried through about 25 existing members of the Trust lottery and have only six new joiners so far. I will have to check but the run rate net of prize fund is c£3,000. Of course this is not in itself enough to make a fundamental difference hence the need to recruit more participation. In terms of the bigger picture we are operating on probably a Ryman Div 1 budget. If we are relegated our budget will still rely on directors supporting with their own funds. I cannot guess if they will continue to do so. Nor can I guarantee that a slightly bigger budget will mean survival but on balance I believe it will give us a better chance and may give a better platform for investment. [hr]
    Martin F, I will pick up your other questions later but some are really questions for the club. I am not a spokesman for the club and a forum such as this is not the right place for discussion of certain matters as relevant as they may be to an understanding of the club.
  10. tony

    tony Member

    £10K gross less prize fund increases the budget by just over £200pw. There will be others better informed than me but that could get in a couple of decent players or possibly one more experienced player. For the manager to decide where he spends the extra amount but bringing in loan players such as JJ O'Donnell is a good example of how it could be spent.
    The bigger clubs in this division may be paying £300-500pw for some players and I'll leave it to others to decide if that is value or not. The current budget requires subsidy from the shareholders and other many other benefactors and I think you can assume they are doing as much as they can financially to support the budget. The club runs at a loss and would not survive without individuals putting in substantial amounts each year. Personal circumstances and desire to keep funding will inevitably change over time. It's not a cheap business to run even at this level. I would be surprised if any club in our division breaks even purely on trading income (gates, bar income, advertising etc). At the moment the club can only justify one of the lowest budgets of any team in this division and Boost the Budget is an attempt to see if collectively as supporters we can help push it a little further. The wider financial circumstances of the club is another matter and not one that I can comment on.

    In terms of objectives, I understand the manager has been given a target of staying in the BSqS. If results make that unrealistic then objectives may change.

    Club accounts and shareholder register are usually available for a fee via Companies House but given they are historic probably are not going to tell you much given that they will be abridged. The Supporters Trust owns just over 20% of the shares when I last asked.

    I hope this helps.
  11. CrawleyBee

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    I think you will find there are players on a lot more than that at some clubs in the Blue Square South. Last I heard the better players can command 600-750 a week...... just ridiculous.
  12. tony

    tony Member

    Chelmsford were paying one ex league player £1000 pw a couple of seasons ago!
  13. Cress

    Cress Member

    Up where I am, Halesowen Town had a 27 year old Stefan Moore (ex Aston Villa), who was on £300 per week at Southern Premier level. Now I would argue he was good value, as he scored 40 goals in that season. Shortly into the 2010/11 season he was sold for a five figure sum. Although he was dropping down a further two divisions to join St Neots Town!
  14. MartinF

    MartinF New Member

    It does. Thanks.
  15. Larry

    Larry Member

    There are I believe quite a few Clubs involved with a 'Boost the Budget' scheme. Please look in your piggy banks and find that extra fiver. Thanks Larry
  16. I wouldn't give money to a football club apart from paying admission, programme etc.
    I have although happily given my time to plenty of clubs (H&RB being one of them). The reward being that you are (hopefully) making a difference, being part of a team and easing the workload of others. I've thoroughly enjoyed helping out with teams over the years at Hampton including 1st Team, Reserves, Under 18s and Womens.
    I've found this far more satisfying than just dipping in my pocket to pay players wages.
  17. tony

    tony Member

    I think it is a bit different if you are a major shareholder in the club. How would AFC Wimbledon and other Trust owned clubs have got off the ground without their shareholder supporters making extra contributions? It may not be to your personal taste which is fair enough. Many of us give both free time and some limited funding to help the club where we can.

    As an aside, I notice Farnborough are once again in trouble following the bankruptcy of their major shareholder. The club is apparently £1.6M in debt, probably much of it owed to their former chairman/shareholder. This must be the upteenth time Farnborough have experienced financial collapse over the last 10 years. If the fans have a shareholding then at last they get some say in such a situation.
  18. Cress

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    My only worry with a boost the budget scheme, is that it is effectively encouraging the club to spend above what it can afford. If the wage budget does not allow a further signing, then isn't it dangerous to encourage pushing the boundaries by getting money elsewhere. Would the additional money not be better spent on other things, like how has been contributed before with equipment for the physio, or replacement training balls etc?

    But I am not criticising those who contribute to the boost the budget scheme, I think it is a fantastic gesture by those who do, to try and increase the capabilities of signing a better player.
  19. I too certainly wouldn't criticise those who have spare cash and can afford contribute to the budget scheme.
    All clubs like Hampton exist on the generosity of supporters and benefactors.
    I doubt if many (any?) on this forum are aware that some years ago the Women's team payed for the Physio consumables for the 1st Team and bought equipment for the Physio room which would be of benefit to all teams playing at Beveree.
    As for players wages it seems simple enough to me. Don't pay more than you have.
  20. tony

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    Not sure I follow this argument. The Trust has recently donated £10,000 to the club to buy a replacement minibus which will be used by all the teams, Academy, Ladies, Youth , Ressies and 1st Team, so no argument that the Trust members have contributed to the fabric of the club. In fact the Trust has now contributed over £30,000 to the club since its inception, none of which has been specifically for payment of wages. The Boost the Budget scheme is a change of tack given the very small budget the manager has to play with this season. Our contribution, I would argue is more sustainable compared to reliance on wealthy individuals as it is spread across a number of people contributing small amounts. We have all seen the impact of the withdrawal of one individual funding the club when their personal circumstances change. BtB is part of the various sources of finance that the club raises to meet its various obligations and it is for the club directors to set its overall budget between running expenses, capital expenditure and player wages. I am sure the directors don't want to pay more than is needed but I think we all know that more is needed if we want to stay in this division, so if we can find more from a new source of finance and the rest of the budget is not compromised, then what's not to like? Now it is quite a different matter if clubs start raiding other parts of their budget to supplement player wages, that way ruin lies.

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