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    Tony, I completley agree with everything you have said. A minibus is a huge advantage to the club, and no one needs to explain why. The boost the budget scheme is a wonderful idea, and it's fantastic that people are able/willing to put into the scheme. I just think sooner or later, clubs need to find there level with the budget they can afford. If that means playing in the Ryman League, or the Combined Counties, then for the good of the club to exist in future then so be it. Everyone chases the dream of promotion, but when clubs are going into the Conference National with average gates of 200, then sooner or later it's a recipe for disaster. I truly believe a club doesn't need an unrealistic budget to compete in the Conference South, but I strongly feel clubs need to start investing in a youth structure so that local players build an affinity with the club, and either use it as a stepping stone to bigger clubs, or the show a bit of loyalty and be part of a team that grows together for 5-6 years. This is how non league clubs used to have success, such as Halesowen Town getting the 3 successive FA Vase finals in the mid 1980's. The problem now is, that the game at the highest level looks after itself. The new restructuring of the compensation regulations for players in academies could potentially kill League 1 and League 2 clubs, thinking what is the point of developing young talent. We have all seen the episode with Dan Thompson this season, a non league club cannot get a lad to sign a contract until they are 18. But even then, if a player is having trial after trial, why would he sign to jeapodise a move?! Non league clubs need to be given an incentive to bring through youngsters, and by that I mean financial so they can invest in the next lad... I'd much rather see a Hampton lad come through the youth teams from under 8's to first team in the Ryman league, than paying a journeyman ex-pro £300 per week to be in the bottom half of the Conference South.
  2. I was simply saying that i personally i would not directly contribute to players wages and as i am not trying to persuade others to think the same way it is not an argument.
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    Just a pointless comment then? You and the rest of the trust are doing a fantastic job Tony, keep up the good work. I, for one, would welcome any scheme that helps look after the purse strings and enables us to play at the highest level possible. Too much negativity on here sometimes, but I'm sure they're in the minority.
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    I don't know the history of Halesowen Town but for as long as I have been supporting Hampton (and that's going back to Spartan League days when I wouldn't have known the difference) players have come and gone and those who have come through the ranks and had the ability to go higher have done just that pretty much (and sometimes the club has earned a transfer fee). The club does now have an established Academy and Youth set up but there will be no guarantee that the better players will stay with Hampton particularly if they can earn more at another club, albeit at the same level as us. And there is more chance home grown talent will go elsewhere if we are playing at say Combined Counties level rather than Conf South. Why join the Hampton Academy if your best hope is playing at Combined Counties level? Now, if we really can't afford to play at this level on a sustainable basis, I'd be the first to say let's re-group in a lower division.
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    I was just picking up on the last comment "don't pay more than you have", well if the Trust gives the club some more money then it has more to spend. How is this any different from, say, using a transfer fee to increase the budget? Providing the directors have got the other costs covered then it all makes sense. Now I am not naive enough to think that meeting all the other costs is anything but a constant struggle for the club. Now that the Trust has been invited onto the club board we should get better visibility of the challenges the club faces.
  6. Just seen the latest article from the club, highlighting this scheme. The current scheme has been running for a number of years, so the article today is a timely reminder to folk.
    As usual Dowse is already at work and shows how much more than just a manager he is.
    I have no idea what is currently being raised and what the target might be, however I did read on the Ks supporters site that last season, using a similar scheme, they were raising in the order of £640 per month. No idea if this is correct, but just reporting what I read.
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    I thought we already had a 200 club???

  8. Think these are separate fund raising schemes. Believe the club runs the 200 club and the Trust the Boost the budget.
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    Every single penny (not £ !) that we all can contribute to help the club is essential to maximising our efforts and success on the pitch AND improving the facilities for a community club.
    Some of us, = volunteers, help the budget by doing jobs / refreshing the various parts of the ground that others couldn't touch for free (except for expensive? cups of tea etc.) which saves the club a lot of money in the long run. So too does the 200 Club !!!!!! Robbie Brownett's work for this money raiser over decades / seems like millennia, must have brought in £100K's for the club. This long-term cash cow may not be recognised by some with a brilliant brain-wave on new types of funding BUT when added up over time it has been one of the reasons we have been relatively solvent / less insolvent, Also, Robbie knows virtually all the 'real fans' and his asking them for 200 club cash AND to renew their season tickets make them feel part of the club , they all have two things in common, love for the club and being hassled by Robbie for money. Hopefully the Trust's Boost the budget will be an additional cash bonus for our club, maybe extra new contributors / a new clientele will extend the financial net to bring in others!! Some of us will carry on contributing to every 'bonus scheme' to help the club. That's what we do as supporters of club and manager etc.
    Come on you Beavers !!!! At any level we are we will support you !
  11. With the reduced budget it becomes even more important for supporters to consider contributing to these fund raising schemes.
  12. Could we please have a reminder on here of how potential new contributors, like me, could join the 200 Club and Boost the Budget. Thanks.
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    For the 200 Club just ask for Rob Brownett on matchdays. He's also easy to spot as he oversees a lot of the parking at the entrance to the ground.
  14. Thanks for the reply, Nick, but I was thinking more of long-distance fans like me who only get to Beveree once in a blue moon. There seems to be a number of us on this forum who might contribute.
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    Fair point Guings. Not sure Robbie would have a method of setting up long distance payments etc but I will ask next time I speak to him.
  16. The club can take card payments so they might be able to receive the money and allocate it to the 200 club.
    Boost the budget have a bank account so can receive a transfer.
  17. Thanks for the info.

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