Chaplain’s Corner v Chippenham Town – 27th August 2018

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    Who would be a match official in any major sport these days? Every decision you make can be analysed many times over by a so call team of experts. There is much riding on the decisions that a referee or umpire makes. They get one viewing of an incident, in real time and at normal speed. Is it any wonder that they make the odd mistake?

    The panel, in the cosy studio, have the benefit of seeing several replays, from different angles and various at speeds before giving their verdict. And often there is still disagreement.
    In some extreme cases referees have received hate mail and their families have been threatened, and in South America there have been reports of match officials actually being shot, and all because someone thinks they got something wrong.

    I know we can all get a bit hot under the collar, when a decision seems to be unfair, or wrong. In recent matches The Beavers have appeared to be on the end of some debateable decisions, but before you give the man in black a bit of verbal abuse, remember they are human and we can’t have a game without them!!

    In recent years some sports, like tennis and cricket have really embraced the modern technology that is available to assist those who are officiating. Football is slowly catching up. Goal line technology is now widely used and VAR was in operation during the World Cup. Opinions where divided on how successful it was, but surely anything that helps reduce the number of refereeing errors, must be a good thing. We may have to wait some time before any of this reaches the Vanarama National League South!!

    Refs are a bit like goalkeepers. Any mistakes that they make are often costly. An outfield player can get away with an error as there is usually a team mate who can help the situation.
    All of us make errors or mistakes of one kind or another, as we go about our daily lives, but I guess, none of us set out to do so. Hopefully we all learn from the times when things don’t quite go to plan. Somebody may show us how to do a task correctly or offer some help or guidance, with the plan to do better next time.

    The Bible is littered with stories of people making mistakes. The Israelite nation, were described as “God’s chosen people”. Yet time and again they made the mistake of turning their backs on Him, ignoring His plans for them. Eventually God would correct them, with the hope they would not make the same mistakes. This was out of His love for His people.

    We are all God’s people, made in His image, but still many turn their backs on Him today. He is like VAR. He can see the mistakes we make and guide to make the correct decisions, in the future, if we allow Him to.

    Paul Barker
    Club Chaplain

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