Chertsey away this evening.

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  1. hrbfc__fan

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    Nathan Minhas, played for Bracknell, Ricaaaay and Ascot
  2. tony

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    Told you it was a secret!

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  3. TW3Beaver

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    Bracknell Town?
    Nathan Minas?
  4. Lord Elpus

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  5. Larry

    Larry Member

    I agree with you. The best I’ve seen of a pre season friendly team. Big choices to be made for Gary. Four good goals. Really liked Smith when he came on. One of those players who can find time on the ball.
  6. Hampton mad

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    Bracknell town are paying players Top Money.
  7. hrbfc__fan

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  8. davc

    davc Member

    I would hope we can sign both strikers. They obviously link up well. Lewthwaite could be a world beater but obviously missed a lot of last season and is injured now. Muir obviously has ability but i'm not sure he has the energy and commitment to chase and harass that the manager demands off whoever leads the line.
  9. Big Rich

    Big Rich Member

    Indeed. I see they have some new alloy wheels for their club car too.
  10. tony

    tony Member

    I see what you say about Muir but Gary has had him at Hendon and he has proven ability at NL level. I really can’t see him being anything other than a starter. Again I would expect Hill to be nailed on behind the front man unless he is played wide to accommodate a second striker which then means one of the midfielders is sacrificed. We will need a third striker however.

    I would like to see how the trialists get on against better defenders. Lewthwaite’s injury could mean he will miss out. I also hear we may be looking at another forward so the situation is still fluid and we may not even start on 3 October given the current COVID news.
  11. Reading the comments on the various players, I would in the main agree with them.
    With regards to Smith, it might be that Gary is trying him there, as according to his recent interview, Ruddick has a health issue which makes his return to the squad uncertain. We do need to cover the central defence department.
    As for strikers, we have potentially 2 trialists, Lewthwaite, Desane , Brown, Muir, Hill and if Tony is correct, one potential other. Far too many so would expect some releases or loans out by the end of preseason.
    Gary probably wants players with different attributes to present alternative attacking options.
  12. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Completely agree, we know what Muir can do. Lewthwaite's injuries are a bit of a concern now aren't they? After such a good start last season too...
  13. tony

    tony Member

    Lewthwaite is unfortunate in that he has picked up an impact injury apparently from one of our own players. He’ll recover but by then the manager may have had to make up his mind on other players.

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  14. Lewthwaite if fit, and in the form when he first joined, does give us some height in attack and provides an option. He is under contract, so he might be sent out on loan to get fit?
    Do feel that for some players this Saturday might be their last chance to get into the squad. The following games against much stronger opponents will refine selection before we start competitive games.
    Steer, TMR and Brown have missed games recently, so their fitness will need to be assessed. We know Ruddick is ill and we might not know how long he could be out before he is match fit.

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