Concord away on Tuesday.

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  1. After what seems a long run of home games we start a week of away trips. Concord have had a good start to the season under Sammy Moore, who has brought with him several players from Leatherhead. They have an experience squad with a potent strike force of Wall and Midson.
    Would expect changes from Saturday with Miller-Rodney back from suspension. Corcoran may also be available as well. Not sure if Downer would be fit as from what I gather he struggles to play two games a week. Think we will continue to struggle for goals until Gary can get in the right player.
    Draw may be the best we can do, hope I get a pleasant surprise.
  2. TW3Beaver

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    They have a very good home record.

    Thus wo t be easy.
  3. Alec

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    For anyone travelling to Concord by Public transport tonight, there will be a few of us meeting under the clock at Waterloo station between 5:45pm - 6pm.
    More than welcome to join us, especially if you don't fancy travelling on your Todd.
  4. tony

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    Back to our usual poor start, 1-0 down in 7 and 2-0 down in 15.

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  5. tony

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    3-0 down 40 minutes. Game over barring a miracle.

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  6. Lord Elpus

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    Couldn't make the game tonight but 3 down at ht in any game is poor. Time for a clear out and re-think?
  7. tony

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    Downer can’t play two in a row and Bray still suspended so we are forced into chopping and changing. Mambo limped off during the half so yet more changes. We seem very brittle and the better sides in the division seem to have worked that out.

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  8. Mucky knees

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    Lost 4-0

  9. Hampton mad

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    Lost 4.0. Thats it start the Club car Mr Barbel lets get out of here. Back home for Christmas not a good start. Relegation form imo.
  10. tony

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    Heaviest defeat of the season. And only two goals scored in last five games. Manager could be facing some tough choices.

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  11. Michael Juett

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    I was interested to quite audibly hear Jack Connors and Chris Dickson have a bicker with each other. A sign of passion and frustration I suppose. Along the lines of the through ball being criticised for not being good enough met with the run not being good enough. Hope they kissed and made up. Think that was at two down. Only real consolation I could think of of the evening was the journey home on the M25 took me a lot less time than the journey there. Regardless of form will continue to pledge my support of course and attend as many games as I can, work pending. I know I haven't been supporting as long perhaps as most on here but there have been darker times than this before in the last decade, am sure will come through it
  12. Last night’s result was very disappointing and regrettably predictable considering the injuries and suspensions dictating team selection. However, it illustrates our current form and looking at the upcoming six league fixtures, it might be that after the home game with Woking we may have added few, if any, points. Relegation is starting to look a possibility and its avoidence must be the no 1 aim for the club.

    From what I understand, this year’s budget is similar to last. Dowse produced a team that got results, whilst many supporters enjoy the style of football played initially this season, results have deteriorated. Gary had a difficult task to rebuild the team, some of the players he recruited have fallen short of what we require, whilst some joined with a history of injuries.

    Gary has made mention of recruiting perhaps another 3 players of the correct standard. He may only have this opportunity to mould a team that can compete at this level, let’s hope he has the contacts and resources to achieve it,
  13. Mucky knees

    Mucky knees Member

    So we made no money from iur cup run then SS???

  14. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Its a fine balance isn't it. There is probably money to be spent on ground improvements and infrastructure before we go blowing it on players...
  15. Agree about balance, as in the end how money is spent is the Chairman and Board ‘s perogative. The recent article from Dick Parsons said as much!
    We are looking to take steps to achieve the next ground grading required if we achieve promotion. The cup money has enabled us to bring forward and plan accordingly.
    The recent drop in form might mean more is needed to retain our league status. What might concern us most is that Gary is able to recruit at the right level to achieve this whilst preparing the squad base for the future.
  16. Mucky knees

    Mucky knees Member

    We are not going to win promotion with this current set of players!

  17. Most supporters knew that back in the Summer!
    It all about staying up and hopefully getting some continuity for next season and a foundation for promotion.
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  18. SteveM

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    Yeah, Dowse produced a team that got results, then took most of them with him when he decided to leave, and we are now suffering the consequences of that -- I don't care what anyone says about his achievements for the club, he undid all that in one fell swoop at the end of last season and dumped us on our butts. It was never going to be easy to replace the calibre of player we had and it will likely take us seasons to recover from that, so yeah, thanks a bunch.
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  19. Apparently we aren't allowed to say this on this "fans forum" but I COMPLETELY AGREE.
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  20. Can understand these feelings as they are probably shared by many supporters, the Cup run by a team mainly made up of last season’s squad does rub some ‘salt into the wound’. We must however, move on.
    The one thing that has been brought home to me is to never allow all the better players to have contracts where they all expire at the same time. Players tend to follow managers, so to make it more difficult and expensive, we should ensure that any mass exodus is made expensive to the buying club.
    I am sure someone will point out about the cost of longer contracts, but this needs to be a judgement decision balancing cost, continuity,potential sale revenues and ambitions.

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