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    Referring back to the forum posts re hat tricks on debut.

    Hampton Mad prodded my memory when he mentioned that there was a link with Grimsby Town with respect to Boothman. Looking back through my programmes I found the relevant entry,

    February 8th 1968.....
    "Supporters will no doubt have read that Dave has signed amateur forms for Brentford. Brentford's manager, Jimmy Sirrell, watched him play twice last week and signed him after seeing his two goals against Petters last Wednesday. Dave is expected to have trial gemas with the 'Bees' in the near future.
    Last Saturday he was in Grimsby playing for their Reserves in a trial game."

    Dave returned to the club to play a few games in 1972/73.

    I cannot find any info to suggest that he made a first team appearance with either Brentford or Grimsby.
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  2. I remember Jimmy Sewell sitting in the stand accompanied by Ron Fenton who later became Brian Clough’s right hand man. (Fenton was a Brentford player at the time who was starting his coaching career).
    I think the games at Grimsby did not result in any further involvement.
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    Sewell and Fenton where at Powerdermill lane Whitton watching Dave Boothman score the winner after extra time for East Twickenham v Hampton youth team in a cup semi final Jan 28th 1968. Captain Christie will remember this game he was also there.
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    Was talking to Robbie Brownett the other day who sees Dave Boothman a few times a year at Sunbury Cricket Club...according to Robbie, Dave has said that apparently Grimsby were indeed interested but he never actually played in any games, trial or otherwise for them.

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