Dover Athletic Players all put on Free Transfer

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  1. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Could this be a sign of things to come for any number of non-league clubs.

    Players put on free transfer for not accepting a wage cut. One wonders where they think that will get a better offer at the current time.

    Chairman Jim Parmenter has released the following statement.
    The Board have been busy assessing the clubs financial position and immediate future due to the very difficult circumstances of the COVID 19 pandemic.
    The club is still unsure of its income in the coming season but the Board are clear income will greatly reduced.
    The club has 14 players under contract for next season and at a meeting last week the clubs position was explained in detail to the players and staff.
    At that meeting the players and staff were asked to accept a 20% short-term reduction in salary to assist the club in its efforts to stay solvent and keep the club alive bearing in mind the club will move from four to three days training.
    The management have accepted the proposal, however, unfortunately the players have not agreed.
    Therefore it is with great regret that I must announce that all of the squad are now available for free transfer as an initial immediate step.
    I must further inform supporters that if a solution or further investment cannot be found by the end of August it is likely that the Directors will consider the club insolvent and as a consequence will be forced to cease trading.
    The directors are doing everything they can to keep the club afloat, but have reached an impasse and require the support of our playing squad.

    Season ticket purchases are fully protected and a full refund will be issued if the worse happens, so supporters can continue to purchase in confidence.
  2. tony

    tony Member

    An interesting game of brinkmanship to put pressure on the players. Players of course are protected under the football creditor rules and presumably have little loyalty to the club. Who will blink first?
  3. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    Any worth having?
  4. tony

    tony Member

    Dover fans don’t seem to think so! Presume they will be looking for much bigger money than we could offer. Got to be a season where we hold tight financially.
  5. If they’re refusing a pay cut then they won’t even get out of bed for us... we shall have to look elsewhere.
  6. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Dover say that they cannot start playing as they would be trading illegally at a loss; surely all clubs, not having any income from the gate or bar will be in the same boat - i,e, sinking fast!
  7. tony

    tony Member

    I hear a couple of clubs in our division may have the same issue unless they can shift players off contract in the next few weeks.
  8. tony

    tony Member

    Dulwich seem to be in a particular quandary. Last season home games were producing income of around £40k per game ( if only we could achieve half of that!) and subsequently had one of the largest player budgets in the division. They are not starting pre season training for another two weeks until they know what crowds they will be permitted and what their budget might be. Looks like some major pruning of the budget will be needed and no doubt players will start exploring other options.

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  9. tony

    tony Member

    Yes and No. Yes, if clubs are prepared to play a game of brinkmanship and hold off signings until late in pre-season, there could be some good deals. However, that leaves it quite late to build a squad. We've pretty much done our business before the first pre season friendly which is unheard of in recent times. Overall I think the budget will have come down but probably not that much. If you want a particular player, a Nico Muir for example, you are probably not going to take it down to the wire. It will be interesting too see which trialists turn out today and tomorrow. I think we may have only room for one or two more maximum. On paper we look to have done very good business so far.
  10. Would agree with your analysis over the timing of signings Tony.
    We appear to have done some good business so far. Unless there is a sudden marquee signing that presents an opportunity to us, any additions may well be a couple of players to enhance and fill out the squad as we face a congested fixture list especially at the start of the season.
    I did note that Vose from Dulwich played for Woking in their game at Hanworth. No doubt the released players from Dulwich are doing the rounds and making enquiries at other clubs.
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