Eastbourne away on Saturday.

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  1. Eastbourne have not to date had as successful season than they perhaps anticipated when they appointed Bognor’s Manager at the start of the season. However, they will present a stiff challenge, as they have some good players. Will be a challenge to our unbeaten run.
    One player of note is Mark Smith, who is just coming to the end of his second loan spell from Aldershot. Not sure what his future is at Aldershot , their fans think he will be released, whereas at Eastbourne, their fans have been pleased with his displays.
    With the exception of Sam, Mark is perhaps the best keeper we have had over the last two or three seasons, he played especially well in the final Isthmian game of the season against Enfield . He will no doubt prove to be a stumbling block.
    As for the team, injuries permitting, Wynter might return, but would not expect McAuley to be available. Unless Dowse has another surprise! Any thoughts?
  2. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    If there is absolutely no hope of getting Howes back then I'd have Mark Smith back like a shot. Hope he has an off day against us though!
    I would have thought we were capable of a win down there. They don't seem to be the difficult to break down.side they once were.
    We're making a weekend of it, so looking forward to the trip!
  3. Rob Overfield

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    Well they’ve not taken to their 3G pitch as well as might be expected (only a point a game so far this season) and their fans are divided, if their forum is anything to go by.
  4. Hope their pitch is better than Oxford!
  5. Hampton mad

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    Eastbourne have Won 3 at home in the league. Drawn 3 and lost 6. So i will expect an Away win for Hampton. But with a untested keeper that is a dodgy kicker i could be wrong. Its a funny old game.
  6. Mucky knees

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    You haven't seen this keeper play ...

  7. In fairness to the new keeper, he was ok, perhaps supporters were apprehensive after Sam, but what little he did was, on the whole ok. As for his kicking, again mostly fine, but then Sam’s was not always perfect.
    He may have a more exacting time on Saturday. Keepers perform best if confident, so give him encouragement.
  8. Hampton mad

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    O yes i have seen Manny Agboola play MK. Saw him play for Reading youth team. Before they released him and he went to Oxford utd.He has also been out on loan to North Leigh fc.
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  9. tony

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    In terms of the form guide ( last 6 games), it's the 2nd best away team versus the worst home team. The predicted final table has Havant and W winning the league by 13 points which feels a bit unlikely.

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  10. tony

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    Dowse looking at possibly a couple of more signings before Saturday's trip to Eastbourne according to tonight's interview.

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  11. Think he wanted two but was realistic that it might just be one. As for what positions they play, perhaps a keeper on a more permanent basis and a forward?
    Wynter rated 50/50. Be surprised if McAuley is fit.
    Wait for news.
  12. Just watched the training footage, did not recognise the keeper who featured.
  13. SteveM

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    I'd rather see a decent central midfielder who can take a game by the scruff of the neck, in the mould of Dan Sweeney
  14. We would all agree that players of Sweeney’s quality would make a huge difference. Dowse is trying to strengthen the team where he can, whilst keeping within the financial boundaries set by the board.
    Think we may read of a keeper soon.
  15. Gone a bit quite on the signings front. Not sure when the deadline is.
  16. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    Nothing for today now...
  17. Thanks Rob for the information. Looks like the search goes on?
  18. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    Just think Dowse’s gift of the gab wasn’t quite enough to complete any deals ahead of tomorrow (and no, I don’t know what there were today).
  19. And if you did, you could not possibly say!
    Never mind perhaps next week?
  20. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member


    This time I truly don’t know what the gaffer was doing or discussing...

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