Eastbourne away on Saturday.

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  1. tony

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    Agboola was more confident with his kicking today which is not surprising given the 4G pitch and pulled off a couple of very good saves as well. With a few injuries and the possibility of loans expiring Dowse has his work cut out to keep the momentum going. Quite possibly we'll field a weaker side against Wealdstone on Tuesday and hopefully land a signing or two during the week.

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  2. Glad Manny had a better game, he would have been naturally nervous on his debut.
    I feel we may have reached the crucial period of the season, as Tony has pointed out, there are loans expiring, the squad is not that large and we are fast approaching the business end of the season.
    Ideally would like to see a couple of permanent signings to increase our options. In addition an extension of loans eg Wynter would also help.
    Might be that some of Dowse’s discussions last Friday may bring about some positive results.
  3. Big Rich

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    I like a confident ‘licker’
  4. tony

    tony Member

    Oops, now corrected

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  5. I took it as the game was at the seaside that it might have had something to do with ice cream!!
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  6. Just seen the freeze frames of the Wassmer’s goal and the ball was clearly over the line before Smith pulled it out. Might cause a dispute as to who scored , but justice was done.
  7. SteveM

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    If the ref didn't blow for a goal until it crossed second time there's no dispute, regardless of perceived injustices etc
  8. BHH

    BHH Member

    In total it was quite a poor game with no flow what so ever. Did well to get the result we did from that game with a well worked second goal and some game saving saves from Manny towards the end. Seems as if we've at a 'critical point' in the season since that week Napa, Sweeney and Hudson-Odoi left. Keep the faith and come on you Beavers!

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  9. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson New Member

    Video clips from Saturday are on this link:

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  10. Hampton mad

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    Excellent Video thanks for posting.
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  11. Rob Overfield

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    I have always said that come the end of the season, there’s nothing against the list of results to show how you played, just the result. How you get the result is unimportant in my mind as long as you get the result you want.
  12. Would agree Rob, whilst it is great to play good football and win, the three points is what matters, the style and content is forgotten, the only permanent record is the result.
    Successful teams often play poorly but still grind out a result.
  13. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Sorry chaps but I have to disagree with the previous two comments -- football is a spectator sport and the pleasure comes from watching a team play it well. Hopefully that leads to victory, but if not you can at least say that it has been an enjoyable experience. If the game is only about the maths of adding three points each game you might as well sit on your sofas with your calculators on Saturday afternoons and wait for Final Score to roll around.
  14. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Controversial point Steve and I have to chuck in my thoughts here... with my West Ham supporting past experience in mind, as long as we play good football the bulk of the time I am very content with an unspectacular few wins here and there. For a club of their size West Ham have underachieved for years playing an attacking, pretty game and have often stared relegation in the face!
  15. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    Do you get extra points for playing attractive football? Or have I missed something??

    Football is a results business and entertainment is an extra bonus if your team can do it.

    The result is everything. As his Lordship has mentioned above, West Ham have played neat and tidy football for a long time but won very little.

    I’d rather grind out 1-0 wins than suffer pretty 2-2 draws...
  16. TW2-Beaver

    TW2-Beaver Member

    I agree. A large part of it for me is watching a team being put together, bonding and playing together as a unit, how they play together is all part of the 90 minute experience.
  17. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Each to their own. I'm pretty sure you don't get extra points for playing attractive football, but I'm certain that the fans of teams that do so have a sunnier disposition. Obviously the aim is to play attractive football and win games, and there's no reason to suggest the two are mutually exclusive. Personally I'd rather watch a decent game of attacking football between two evenly matched sides, with the result a secondary concern, than a drab 1-0 win.
  18. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    I Think Man city supporters would rather have won a boring 1.0. Than lost 4.3 to Liverpool at the weekend. In 2003/2004 season Arsenal invincibles went unbeaten all season won The Premier league by 11pts. But won 14 games by the odd goal. Also drew 11 games 1-1 or 0-0. If Hampton won all there games 1.0 till the end of the season and won the league i would be happy. Right lets get back on the Stella.
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  19. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    As I said, each to their own. If either City or Liverpool knew how to defend that game probably would have been a 1-0.

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