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Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Hampton mad, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    Can we enter the ground and watch this game Les.
  2. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    No, Behind closed doors. No supporters allowed as per government restrictions.
  3. Mucky knees

    Mucky knees Member

    This is becoming a joke. How many people would normally attend a friendly like this a couple of hundred?

    I recently went to the Surrey versus Hampshire blast match at the oval limited to 2500 which is approximately 10% of the ovals capacity. Also before that another test event there. Also one day of the two day friendly Surrey versus Middlesex.

    Recently my friend went to Leatherhead versus Dorking Wanderers restricted to 600(!) Attendees.

    Les what's the difference between Fetcham Grove and Beveree?

    Smaller clubs will go to the wall because if these restrictions.

    Yesterday I spent a pleasant afternoon at Kenton court meadow watching Sunbury with around fifty others not including four teams of players all distancing themselves socially

  4. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Don't shoot the messenger !
    The difference is that the National League is treated as an elite league. Leagues below us are not. We have to follow the rules that apply to the premier and efl. The club has no choice but to follow the rules currently in place.
    We cannot even contemplate a Test Event at this time. Currently the rules will be in place until 1st October .
    We have been to watch recreational cricket and to our away friendlies but going to beveree is a different thing entirely.
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  5. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    There was the strange situation the other week where Cray Wanderers, who groundshare with Bromley, were allowed spectators, when they played each other in a pre season friendly because they were the home team, and not classed as an elite club, but if Bromley had been the home team it would have had to be behind closed doors.
  6. Mucky knees

    Mucky knees Member

    That's why it's so ridiculous

  7. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    In the case that I mentioned, yes. but fully understandable when both teams have to abide by the same rules.
  8. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    With no football involving Hampton for a few weeks at the earliest now, I may well temporarily adopt Spelthorne Sports, my nearest club, for a bit of competitive action until we're allowed to attend the Bev again. It won't be the same but at least it's something...
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  9. hrbfc__fan

    hrbfc__fan Member

    Might pop to met police
  10. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    Thank you Les. Will have to stand on my step ladder and watch it over the fence behind the goal.
  11. Stepladder? Are you a dwarf?:D

    if you can find a spot in the undergrowth to set up a stepladder, then good luck, dipsy !
  12. Big Rich

    Big Rich Member

    The full size ladders don’t fit in the club car.
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  13. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    Well at least i can drive a car. And allowed out for evening games.
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  14. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Someone has started to cut back the overgrowth so we can get the balls back and you can just about get behind there..
    Here's a thought to raise a few quid for the club. You and MK could each stand on a ladder and we could, for a fee, throw wet sponges at the two of you!:cool:
  15. If we all turned up with garden equipment, could we say we were working on the ground!?
  16. How much many sponges would £20 get me???
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  17. WTF are you talking about????
  18. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    No good your not allowed in the ground.
  19. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    Roll up Roll up get your sponges here. Ok Mr Barbel Start the club car lets get out of here.
  20. Who said I’d be inside the ground to throw them anyway? I’d use sponges soaked in paint to make maximum impact...

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