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  1. Josh

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    Vice Chairman gone and have had to cut the wage bill, meaning 80% of players left.
  2. Josh

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    Tom Jelley scored an own goal for Tonbridge v Needham Market yesterday.
  3. Hudson-Obi has gone on loan to Eastleigh. Think we knew a move was on the cards. Whilst early days, Coombes may give us a better balance as we have both Kiernan and Roberts.
    Sutton and Eastleigh have been involved in quite a few loan/permanent moves in the past few days so not surprising.
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    Website and forum were down half an hour ago but back now. I found out about BH-O through our Twitter feed but move is subject to the relevent paperwork going through

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    A pity that Bradley has been lent out to another club rather than gone into the Sutton side but hopefully Coombes will compensate. Bradley did very well for us with both goals and assists so definitely a successful loan for us.

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    ALLY ALLY ALLY O New Member

    I see Tom Beere has now joined Greenwich Borough.

    Does anyone know how long Coombes is with us for?
  7. Does Tom have a fitness issue? His career seems to have plummeted fast since his Football League days.
  8. He was unfit at the start of the season, but would have thought that with playing several games this season he would have been close to match fitness. This would suggest at there are other issues that have contributed to his fall off in form. He was on a long loan at Gateshead last season and asked to be released before it finished, perhaps that might be a key?
  9. tony

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    One month to start I believe
  10. Reading the Sutton manager's quotes, he gives the impression that he sees it as just the month loan to get Adam fit.
    Assuming he does not play in the cup match this Saturday and in the blank date in two weeks then it looks likely he will play just three games in the league.
    He looked promising against Poole, it would be a pity if that is all he plays unless Dowse can get an extension or another deal in place.
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  11. Ex loan players report.
    Sweeney was again in the starting lineup for Barnet, came off at half time with a sore calf. Napa was an unused substitute for Oxford. Hudson-Obi did not feature for Eastleigh.
    Think it very unlikely we will get Napa back, if Oxford let him go out on loan, it would most probably be at a higher level, as he continues his football education.
    Sweeney likewise is now unlikely to be returning the short term. He knows Dowse which is a plus factor, but it will depend on how he plays at Barnet and how McGee sees him progressing over the next few months.
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  12. Lord Elpus

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    I really do believe that unless we are going to get players on a recognised long term loan then we shouldnt bother. What is the point of Coombes coming to us for 3 games or indeed the benefit? National league clubs really are getting a bit above themselves with their approach to clubs lower down. It takes players longer than 3 games to settle in and is surely too much to expect them to gel immediately. Coombes looked alright but I thought he faded and looked a long way from match fit.
  13. Would agree with many of your points Lord Elpus. Sutton are not that interested as to how well he gells in our team, rather that he gets fitter to return to their squad. In Coombes case it is described as an 'initial loan' , so perhaps we might see more of him?
    From our point of view, taking players on loan, may be we get a better player into the team with his wages paid either in full or in part by his parent club. If so, then we have to accept their terms included in any loan be it long or short term.
    Continuity is vital in teams, personally I would like the club to tie key players into longer contract than one season . No doubt most of us could name a few we would want to retain into next season and in the new year this is what many clubs seek to achieve. However I realise it is expensive and can come unstuck due to long term injury etc.
  14. tony

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    When needs must. Had we stuck with the likes of Moss then we wouldn't be where we are now. The Taylor and Beere loans certainly helped us in the promotion season so whilst I can see the purist point of view, I think overall we have benefited from the loan system. Dowse's job is to find replacements and keep the plates spinning.

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  15. Agree with Tony we have benefitted from the loan system, I would add Smith to the longer loans in the promotion season. I think the point raised was that a month loan is too short. A longer loan from a team higher up the football pyramid seems the best option.
    As for Moss, agree the recruitment in the summer brought in a few players who, whilst good at Isthmian Premier, were not what we required at Conference South level.
    Not easy for Dowse to get in the right type of player whist keeping to his budget.
  16. Adrian Mann

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    According to the BBC Sport website, Bradley Hudson-Odoi came as a substitute for Eastleigh after 65 minutes when they were 0-2 down at home to Maidenhead United; Harold Odametey had scored the first for Maidenhead. Final score 2-2.
  17. tony

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    Tom was on the bench for Leatherhead last night so guess it's dual registration to get some game time.

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  18. That's funny, I took my information from the Football Web pages site, probably the BBC is more accurate!
  19. More like a dual incarnation. Tom was also at number 11 for Greenwich Borough at Hythe at the same time. Football Web Pages is getting increasingly surreal.
  20. tony

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    Ha ha! He's here, he's there, he's every...........

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