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Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Lord Elpus, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. tony

    tony Member

    Would be interesting to know if we had a conversation with him about signing if he was being released. Could have been a very neat solution to our keeper situation and a team challenging for promotion against one struggling at the wrong end of the league would have obvious attractions, not least the travelling.

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  2. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Don't get why we've let that opportunity slip through our grasp, unless money related.
  3. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    May well have been money related. Eastbourne are at the wrong end of the table and are starting to throw cash at the problem.
  4. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    Money and going back to Part time maybe put him off coming back to us.
  5. It might be that things were already agreed by the two clubs before Saturday.
    Dowse has or had other options for keepers and is/ was pursuing them.
    Money is always a factor and they were perhaps more desperate than us.
    Anyway it’s in the past, he has only signed till the end of the season, so who knows!
    More of interest for us is as who is our first choice keeper for the rest of this season.

    He is the second Aldershot player lent to Eastbourne in the last month, who at the end of their loan, has had their contract cancelled and been signed up on a permanent basis. Might be some dealings we are not privy to?
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  6. Eastbourne as far as I know are also part time. On their forum there were complaints that Mark did not train with the rest of the team as he trained in the day at Aldershot.
    Agree money may have been a factor, travelling wasn’t, 90 miles as against 20!
  7. tony

    tony Member

    We're all speculating like mad but if it is a deal to the end of the season and Aldershot were going to release him anyway then providing he is happy enough with the money he can always look for a full time role for next season.

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  8. TW3Beaver

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  9. Michael Juett

    Michael Juett New Member

    I see Justin Amaluzor is on the bench for Barnet today so guess that's that loan spell over
  10. As Amulzor was mentioned and with no game for us I looked to see at this season’s loan players to see who played today.
    Darling played for Cambridge as did Sweeney for Barnet. Hudson-Odoi has returned to Sutton but did not play, neither did Coombes for them. Napa came on for Oxford.
  11. Bassele has joined Concord.
    Sam Howes is getting very good reviews on the Watford website as he plays for their Under. 23 team.
  12. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    George Legg. Reading goalkeeper, who we had on loan. Has gone on loan to Barnet for the rest of the season. Good luck playing for Graham Westley.
  13. tony

    tony Member

    I see that Danny Pappoe is training with us again. When he last tried out pre season 2016 he looked to be struggling with fitness and a long term knee problem and his record since then playing abroad suggests he is still struggling.

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  14. Agree Tony, his record suggests that we would need to be very sure of his long term fitness before we sign him.
    I read that Dan Sweeney has been banned for stamping for a couple of weeks.
  15. BHH

    BHH Member

    Solomon on a dual reg with Staines

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  16. He needs game-time, he has hardly played since his injury at the end of last season. Had a few games at W and H, but needs to play at a higher standard. Wonder if a replacement is lined up?
    An another ex player, Josh Huggins has gone back to Havant having been at Farnborough for a few seasons.
  17. Manny has gone on loan to Leatherhead as cover for their injured keeper.
  18. tony

    tony Member

    I see Michael Elias-Fernandez who made a couple of sub appearances for us last season and then went to seek a pro contract has signed a contract at Farnborough.

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