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    Oops just seen Lord has already posted that.
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    So it seems we will have some firm player news this weekend. I must caution trying to assess the outcome of the season to come on the basis of these first few names. It may however give supporters some initial indication of the type of player Gary Mc is looking to bring in and how he intends to play. As we have seen with Pavey, players can improve under new managers and systems so let's not rush to judgement.

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  3. Wise words Tony. But as you say, it will give an indication as to the direction the club may be going next season.
    Players can make the step up and improve given the right club and manager. As an example, when Wassamer signed last season, his cv was not great and he struggled when on loan at a Ks. His discipline was not good initially, but by the end of the season he was one of the top players.
    Whilst I expect some players from Hendon and hopefully they will have the ability to step up, I hope we can retain some of last season’s first choice squad and add players who have the right record at our level.
    Early days and time will tell. Gary has indicated some exiting signings, so that is encouraging.
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    2 goals in 4 games not that hopeless ?
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    Former loan player Herson Alves, released by Brentford, has signed for Maidenhead United.
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    Yes Wassamer gone. Picture of him waving the Woking scarf with Dowson on twitter.
  7. Not surprised Dowse saved his career as prior to last season it was a lot of loans and change of clubs. When he came his discipline was poor but again Dowse sorted it out.
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    Cook and Jolley go to Woking....

    So 2 due in later today and at least 2 out ;)
  9. As predicted Dowse is taking the best players , the lack of confirmation of the four players signing from last season suggests that they may have been diverted? The list of players that we would be interested in from last season diminishes as there are several left who were not first choice .
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    Is Martin Tyler a qualified coach? Nothing he does in the pre-match warmup suggests this...

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    I missed that. When can we expect to hear these new additions?

    Edit: Ah I see there's an announcement at 6.00. Looking forward to it.
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    Nicke Kabamba signs for H & W.
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    Holidays perhaps?
  14. Could be local for him having left Portsmouth and a replacement for Prior. He will link up with Pavey.
    Makes a great difference if you become Conference National as to who you can get if you have the funds.
  15. The shrinking pool left it is starting to make no odds.
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    Apart from Kieran there is really no one left who can make a difference. McAuley and Roberts as squad players maybe. Kamara won’t play. The new manager faces a big challenge but he looks up for it.
  17. In some ways Gary has already filled the positions of these players with the possible exception of Kiernan who will look around for the best possible deal before coming to us.
    It depends on further signings as there are some obvious gaping holes to fill. When this is done, then an obvious question to Gary is his squad now assembled stronger that the one he left at a Hendon.
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    I seem to remember 1 being a cross in which hit the defender on the back and went straight in, but it went down as Alfie's goal, the other a penalty?

    Any new on Josh and Max for the coming season?
  19. Josh will go to Dowse once the fee is agreed and Max, unfortunately will most likely be gone as well.
  20. Rob Overfield

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    Wouldn’t rule out Max... I know his family were extremely happy being at the Bev (conversation with his Mum and sister at the End of Season dinner).

    Gary would like to keep him, it’s just whether we can offer something that the player is happy with.
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