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  1. SteveM

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    I would have thought that if his family got stuck talking to you Rob they'd want to be out sharpish before it happens again
  2. Rob Overfield

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    Now now, no need to get nasty...
  3. If and it remains a big ’if’ he does sign it would be a great boost for what has been four weeks when the club has lost by a penalty shootout to gain a place in the top league in non league football, a successful manager plus nearly all of last season’s team.
    I believe Max was educated at Hampton School so there might be some affinity with the area.
    Regretfully there are a lot of teams that will offer him more than us, but perhaps he might not be so motivated by his wage packet. I know he tweeted that we had given him back his love of football that he had lost presumably a W****g?
    Fingers crossed!
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  4. SteveM

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    Hahaha, pure bants mate
  5. Mawgan

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    With regards to players who were on contracts, like Josh for example, the club needs to be sensible about what transfer fee they should ask for (and sell-on clauses to be part of the deal too). We don't owe Dowse a 'free' pick of the contracted individuals (was Charlie NOT on a contract??) To prise Josh from Kingstonian I think we had to stump up £3000, part of which Dowse helped to pay for by doing a 10K run or something. After 2/3 years of quality? coaching to improve? his footballing skills and him being made captain he must be worth at least 2-3 times as much now (£10K? or more); so let W***ing get their cheque book out/ or more likely a bank draft to compensate us (and Susannah) for his loss!
    I'm sure Graham's got this in hand already. Maybe when he meets Dowse socially in Gateshead for a bevvy (this is what was going to happen according to Dowse during his dodgy interview/rant)!
    Graham could you suggest a figure large enough to make the point about the value of Josh to the manager he plays for and also to ensure Dowse will have to run at least 5 'marathons' to raise the extra cash to 'steal him' (and I'm NOT going to sponsor him this time either!!)
    Come on you Beavers, let's finish higher in the league than W***ing this year!
  6. Luke Wanadio has joined Aldershot , he seems to be an established Conference National player now.
    Marvin Morgan has joined Hendon. Wonder if Marvin is to replace Muir or to play alongside him.
  7. tony

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    Ben Winter has joined Torquay

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  8. SteveM

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    Good for him and best of luck, very decent player and pleasing to see that he hasn't joined the Judas exodus to W**king
  9. Lord Elpus

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    Moussa Diarra's signed for Dover.
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  10. Chobham Card

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    Woking announcing their latest signing at 6:30. Not sure you chaps are going to be too pleased judging by what I've heard.
  11. Les 1949

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    Don't know about anybody else, but the past two days I have been too busy cleaning the outside toilets and the turnstiles ready for the start of football again to be much concerned about what is happening outside Beveree. Move on - nothing to see here.
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  12. Think we all know that Dowse has picked another freebie. Think that is five the best players from last season. The cupboard is now bare!
  13. Lord Elpus

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    Yawn. Crushing inevitability.
  14. No doubt Dowse will ensure that these players will have contracts of a sufficient length to ensure there are no mass defections come the end of the season!
  15. Lord Elpus

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    Who cares what Dowson does from now on, quite frankly. Oh, don't start me off again.
  16. tony

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    What if Dowse decides to go onto another club? Anyway, I was never expecting Max to do anything other than leave. We’ll miss his goals for sure but hoping we can find some new heroes ( if just for one season).

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  17. Agree Tony, he was never going to stay, the current management had hopes which were perhaps a little optimistic. Leaving aside Dowse and the wage packet, he would have compared the two squads at this time and their potential success, players want to be successful and win things, they know winners and what it takes to be one at this level.
    As for new heroes this coming season, let’s hope some emerge, but if they go after a season, we will never build a winning team for long term success.
    I sincerely hope we can bring in a few players who we can identify with and have a confidence they will do well at our current level. To date I am not convinced, but hope to be pleasantly surprised over the next few games.
  18. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    I have to say, in fairness to Gary McCann, there have been some good players on display in the 2 games so far. Can't remember many of the names yet unfortunately but McLaren for one looks very accomplished and we look ok for keepers. But we absolutely need some forwards.
  19. Whoryer

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    I'm surprised a club higher up didn't want him as the hardest thing in football is to score goals.The new goalie seemed a bit small to me on Monday,but got to all crosses,so hopefully will be ok.Like teams at most levels we need a goalscorer.As Gary likes to play 4 2 4 with attacking full backs we are guaranteed an entertaining season which will hopefully get us a top half finish with a new team
  20. To get an indication of how we will perform next season and the effectiveness of the new players we need to see us play teams who play at our level or above.
    There are thirteen signed on, Gary has confidence they will be able to cope, most of us look at their records to date and have reservations. A few more games and folk will start to make their minds up.
    We have obvious areas that need to be filled. no doubt the sizable failed bid for Muir was not in Gary’s plans. Recruiting players of the right standard for the key positions will be vital and may determine this coming season’s outcome.
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