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Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Lord Elpus, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. BHH

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    Connors and Diarra have been released from Dover.

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  2. Mawgan

    Mawgan Member

    Praps Tarps will re-join Maidenhead if he doesn't get himself a league club. I'm sure Dev would like his striker back for next season.
    Seems bonkers that Havant loaned out Nicke to one of their rivals for relegation and he provided 'Pools with the goals to stay up at Havant's expense. Moussa may be able to sign for Dowse again, but maybe only if he gets promotion and keeps his job. Woking's supporters like a good moan and boo the team and criticise the manager when they don't win !!
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  3. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned on here before but Seny Dieng has been with Dundee in the SPL; they were relegated but he had been getting good reports apparently.
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  4. Mawgan

    Mawgan Member

    'Just noticed that 'Our' Jamal is in the PFA Division 1 'Team of the Year'. Amazing that his fellow League 1 professionals appreciate his 'talent'.
    Can't remember any other ex-Beavers getting so much praise from his peers. Just think, its only taken Jamal a couple of years to go from that 'village' team to his current position. He might even be a potential Championship player soon, maybe not with Pompey? which could suit HRBFC's finances! Did we get any add-ons for him helping to get Portsmouth promotion (x2) when we sold him or just a straightforward %age if he gets sold on?
    Really good original 'player spotting' by Dowse and his getting the best out of Jamal(and Nicke) by boosting their self-confidence at Hampton.
  5. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Ah, Mawgan...if you ask about the sell on percentage we get you'll pretty much get told to mind your own business like I did!
  6. cliffp

    cliffp Member

    That sort of information is only ever provided on a need to know basis. Despite the interest we are deemed as not to need to know
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  7. Graham Wood

    Graham Wood New Member

    Surprised to read Mawgan's and LE's posts. Details of Jamal's "sell on" arrangement are no secret and I've explained it to several people at the club over the last two years.

    In the event that Jamal moves on, Hampton will receive 15% of the difference between the fee we received (£25,000) and the amount of his onward sale, regardless of time lapse and which division Portsmouth are in at the time.
  8. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Much appreciated, thanks. For anyone else reading this I have to remind them that it was others who told interested supporters to keep their nose out, not Graham!
  9. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    IMHO There will be more chance of Jamal moving on if Portsmouth don't go up, another reason for me wanting them to stay down, although not if it means Doncaster go up.

    Charlton it is then.
  10. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    My in-laws support Donny, so for a quiet life I'm going for them...
  11. tony

    tony Member

    That’s not quite right. It was not my position to to reveal the details. I did not have any idea if the club wanted to make this public or not so was not about to blurt it out on this forum.

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  12. I can understand your point Tony, Graham is in a better position to give this detail.
    It is all conjecture so pointless taking it too far. However!!!!!
    Would agree that if Portsmouth are not promoted then the chances of them selling him does increase somewhat. It will depend on him and his agent if they want to engineer a move.
    League clubs general do not publicly declare the transfer fees. As an interested party we are entitled to know, but we may be unable to make details public.
    Some cautionary thoughts.
    Any deal will be paid in installments so we will only get our cut as these are paid.
    If other players are involved the deal might be weighed to reduce Jamel’s value as we are a third party to the deal.
    Portsmouth may well negotiate a sell on clause, if so, hopefully our interest would have been included.
    Think we had it with the Darren Powell transfer, where we took an upfront payment instead of further rights later on.
  13. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Wasn't just you Tony, happy to set the record straight!
  14. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    IIRC there was a sell on fee, but this was bought out because it was thought DP had an injury record and that no one would take a risk on him.
  15. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Hmmm interesting...sounds familiar. I was told (and its a long time ago now, so I can't remember who by) that a smallish cash settlement was paid to us some time after he'd left for Brentford for similar reasons you say here. He then got transferred! Rumours eh?
  16. His injury record did not stop him being sold by Brentford for a reported £400 k to Crystal Palace after a full medical! He had further moves at the highest level.
    Perhaps Ron Noades did not want us to get any of the fee?
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  17. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Allegedly. (I couldn't possibly comment.)
  18. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    Quite possible, but I couldn't possibly comment, not wanting to speak I'll of the dead.
  19. Mucky knees

    Mucky knees Member

    Only Ron Noades the background to all this

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