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  1. Mawgan

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    Now you've spoilt it; reminding Wealdstone of the fact, could have been useful if we were to lose the game and Shaqs were to play for them.
  2. Lord Elpus

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    Sam Howes is apparently training with Watford.
  3. He will face quite a lot of competition they have about six keepers including those in their under 23s.
    With his pedigree it is not surprising that another Premier club wanted to have a look and in order to do that, they may well have indicated a contract was in the offering. Clubs like Watford do send keepers out on loan in order to gain experience. Whether it is with us is another matter, Watford have a new manager and he and his coaching team will want to assess players first.
    Dowse may know more and may have decided to look for an experienced keeper who would be contracted to us.
  4. BHH

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    Shaun MacAuley playing for HAMPTON in the 2nd half of todays friendly with Partick Thistle

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  5. ......on his 32nd birthday!
  6. Hicks has joined Walton Casuals.
  7. Adam

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    Being nosey on Twitter I see that Tom Beere hasn't got a new club yet. If Dowse still has some room in his budget wouldn't be a bad signing.
  8. Yes I had noticed that. Would be useful!
  9. Brit

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    See Kabamba scored 5 in a Portsmouth friendly against Newport (8-0 result)
    (and Jamal got 2)
  10. BHH

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    Seems Howes may be returning. Just put on his instagram story that he is at The Bev right now and tagged @HRBFC in a post.

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  11. There has been rumours so this may be confirmation? Assume on loan as he has just signed for Watford, interesting for how long the loan would be?
  12. James Dean

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    He's back. Confirmed. Great news and could be a (half) season game changer.

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  13. hrbfc__fan

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    I told you I had a feeling about a month ago
  14. tony

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    We are hoping to keep Sam for the season but Watford want to review presumably to make sure both parties are getting what they want from the loan. We get the benefit of a keeper training regularly with a Premier League club and Watford get to see him playing in a highly competitive league.

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  15. TangerineBeaver

    TangerineBeaver New Member

    Great news that.
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  16. Lord Elpus

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    Well what a pre-season boost Sam Howes coming back is! Saw him play for Watford U23s at Woking a couple of weeks ago and he is definitely a class act. Well done to all concerned for getting this to fruition.
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    ALLY ALLY ALLY O New Member

    Agreed - he was a decent CM in his short spell with us. With Solomon seemingly out of action and Harold gone we're definitely light in the middle of the park.
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    ALLY ALLY ALLY O New Member

    This is fantastic news - certainly a signal of intent for next season. Roll on Aug 5th!
  19. Good news indeed, let's hope it will end up as a season's loan.
    The write up suggests Dowse wants a central defender and a midfielder and possibly a winger. Don't think there will be much argument there, Beere would certainly fill the bill.
    For a centre half I would be happy with an experienced player used to playing at this level or above.
    The winger may depend on budget, it may be that Federico is not what Dowse wants - he was quite ready to let him go out on dual registration last season. Equally perhaps he has not been completely happy with the trialists?
    Things may be clearer soon.
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