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  1. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Was a good finish too, drilled it home nicely, not just a tap in either.
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  2. Richard

    Richard Member

    Three more than you have scored for Wigan in the Championship then MK
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  3. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    He's doing well to be even playing at that level. Don't forget he wasn't exactly a kid when Portsmouth signed him from us.
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  4. Brit

    Brit Member

    Shock & amazement on the Wigan forum. beating league leaders to jump three places above the drop zone.
  5. Larry

    Larry Member

    I notice Shannon came on for Brentford at Cardiff in the 85 minute, got booked on 86 and was subbed!
  6. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    And scored a lovely own goal at Luton Tuesday night
  7. Larry

    Larry Member

    Nice to know he’s doing well?
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  8. Josh

    Josh Member

    Sam Howes joins Dorking on loan from Woking for a month.
  9. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Could be a good signing for Dorking. They looked like they needed a decent keeper on Saturday.
    Shame how Sam Howes' season has gone. Hope he gets a proper more permanent berth in a number 1 spot very soon.
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  10. It would not surprise me if he is available in the summer. It is a position we will need to sort for 20/21 season.
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  11. Adam

    Adam Member

    Don’t really see the point. Having a loan keeper that we only have to a % of the wage has worked well for us for a while. Potentially saves money for other parts of the squad.
  12. I made the point that we will need to find a solution to the keeper position next season.
    If you look at my earlier posts I have made the very same comments on a loan keeper and the financial implications.
    If the club goes down the loan route then a player from a Premier or Championship club would be best as they would be of a higher standard and because their parent club might have several keepers they might allow out for a season and not be concerned about them getting cupt.
  13. Adam

    Adam Member

    Fair enough, I was probably jumping to conclusions that you meant a permanent solution.
  14. Marcel Barrington has signed for Staines. He was on loan here last season. He has had several clubs this season, so should fit in there, as Staines have used over 80 players so far and I think on their third or fourth manager this season!
  15. As players start to commit for next season at other clubs both Turner and Bray have decided to stay at Tonbridge.
  16. Les 1949

    Les 1949 Member

    Given the current circumstances it may be better for players to stay where they are.
    Wonder how Tonbdidge's problems with a waterlogging pitch is going?
  17. cliffp

    cliffp Member

    Still waterlogged
  18. That might be true, hope our players think it.
  19. Dan Thompson has left Ks. Lost track of how many clubs he has played for.
  20. Just our luck that his one decent performance was for Braintree in the play-off final.
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