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  1. TW3Beaver

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  2. Signed for Forest Green.
  3. Not strictly an old player but Brennan Dickinson has been released by Exeter.
  4. Laurie Walker has been released by MK Dons.
  5. Shaun Jeffers has joined St Albans as they continue rebuilding. He left Chelmsford as they were too far from his home, so this might involve less travelling.
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  6. Lord Elpus

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    I thought Jeffers looked a very decent player when he was briefly with us.
  7. GRTourist

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    St Albans have already made a decent few signings this summer. Joseph Chidyausiku from Chelmsford and Kyran Wiltshire from Oxford City. Clearly don't want a repeat of this season!
  8. Max K has signed a new contract with Woking. He is involved in their academy training, so this might be another reason. He got a regular spot in their starting lineup towards the end of last season.
    Dave Tarpey has also signed a new contract with Woking.
    Looks like Dowse is getting who he wants from his existing squad signed up. There might be some ex Hampton players he might not want?
  9. Jack Cook has signed on for another season at Woking, Dowse is signing up players he wants to keep this week. Good policy to confirm players, all on 1 year contracts.
    As far as ex Hampton players, nothing so far on Howes, Gray and Collier all of whom were on the fringe last season.
  10. Mentioning keepers, for today’s playoffs, Matt Smith was left out of the Dartford squad and replaced on their bench by ex Dulwich keeper Preston Edwards.
  11. cliffp

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    Mark smith?
  12. Zak Joseph has signed for Chesham, he was with them on loan from us last season.
  13. Jamie

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    A bit like why Dundass went back to Sutton as working with the academy.
    Seems a real shame not to pursue your own footballing career when have such ability, wasted really, could be a top, top player at step 2 and playing week in, week out.
  14. Brit

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    I notice that Jamal has been linked with Celtic, Millwall and Cardiff with Celtic getting specific mention. Jamal being described as the Wigan Ace.
  15. Adam

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    I wonder if Portsmouth have a sell on fee included. If they do be interesting to know if we get a % of that. Or if our sell fee was only for any initial fee.
  16. We do not know the exact clauses of the transfer, as there may be goals and appearance triggers from which we should get a %.
    If he sold it might depend on the value of this transfer fee, Normally if the transfer is less than Wigan paid Portsmouth then any further percentages may not apply.
  17. George Wells has left Slough, wants to play at a higher level. Another for Maidenhead!?
  18. Adam

    Adam Member

    So many teams at that level that are now within a reasonable distance. Woking, aldershot, Barnet, Wealdstone, Maidenhead, Boreham Wood & Sutton. Eastleigh only about an hours drive also. The competition for players must be hard.

    8-10 years ago there were not many London\south eastern clubs.

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