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  1. Les 1949

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    The payments for the F A Cup have changed this season. For the first time ever, in the qualifying rounds the losers get something....

    Second Round Qualifying winners (80) £6,750 Losers receive £2,250
    Third Round Qualifying winners (40) £11,250 Losers receive £3,750
    Fourth Round Qualifying winners (32) £18,750 Losers receive £6,250
    First Round Proper winners (40) £36,000
  2. Excellent, it can go on ground improvements to stay in the league that we haven’t got a decent enough squad for.
  3. TW3Beaver

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    And if the ground isn't improved we won't be in it either.
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  4. So the rules have changed to stay in the league then? Coz we've been in it for a few years so why weren't we thrown out?!?!?
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  5. Lord Elpus

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    I think you might be able to lose your grading as well, if you don't keep your ground up to the required standard...
  6. Les 1949

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    Grading...It's no different to looking after your house. Maintaining it to the correct standard to keep it habitable. Stuff wears out. Regulations change - nothing stops still.

    Clubs are regularly inspected and every time the check becomes more stringent. Just a few examples from the inspection last week - for which I was the club lead contact and conducted the inspector around the stadium.

    The seats are counted- broken ones don't count.
    The toilets are flushed to make sure they are all working - nothing is taken for granted
    Emergency exits are checked to see that egress is clear.
    Dugouts - are they marked home /away.
    How many turnstiles do we have. Do they work?
    Dressing Rooms, do they confirm to size etc Number of Shower heads?
    Medical Room, properly stocked/treatment tables are in good order.
    First Aid Hut ; does it have running water and a treatment area,
    Referees Rooms - do they conform and yes, he flushed the toilets and ran the showers!
    Disabled Toilet?
    Is the ground neat and tidy etc

    The club was complimented on the state of the pitch - much improved from previous inspections.

    There were one or two small things to do, some very minor which are being done. A few signs needed refreshing/replacing and some additional hazard marking.

    However, it is the work around the covered terrace that is necessary to keep our grading.

    The back of the Covered Terrace has already had some work done to it to ensure that we don't have any slippage. The main thrust of the work has yet to be done.

    Two line of crush barriers will be installed - one along the front, one half way up (including access points to the terrace steps). If this work was not carried out then the local council would reduce the notional capacity of the terrace from 800 to 150 and that would affect our Safety Certificate.. The reduction would mean that our ground capacity would fall below the minimum for this division and, yes, we would be relegated at the end of this season.

    Once the work has been finished around the Covered Terrace and Old Stand there wil be a further inspection
  7. Many thanks Les, I think that’s what a few people on here/the terraces were wondering.

    Appreciate the detail!
  8. Mucky knees

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    I missed last Saturday's home match. The last time I went the gents toilet in the clubhouse was out of order...

  9. Lord Elpus

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    Before or after you went MK?
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  10. Les 1949

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    ..and were fixed within a day or so. Regarding my grading inspection report I would have thought there were more important things to concentrate your mind on. Oh, and by the way, the toilets in the Club House don't count as part of the grading anyway - that is why we have two toilet blocks in the car park - and, no, I don't know why.

    It might be that as some clubs have club houses outside the ground, they are discounted. Not everything about grading neccessarily makes perfect sense!
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  11. The Grading inspector was looking for evidence but couldn't find anything to go on ...you all carry on at your convenience .. #resurrecting50yearoldjokes4u
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  12. Les 1949

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    Larry Dann would like that one!
  13. I think it’s quite an important thing to focus on my mind on, we have next to no budget because of how the fa cup money has been spent. The worse we do, the less people come to matches, the less income, etc etc etc.
  14. TW3Beaver

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    Very interesting and informative.
  15. Adam

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    I wonder if you put a door on the outside wall where the hand dryers are if they would count as part of the ground grading. Obviously could only do this for the gents.
  16. cliffp

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    How would we dry our hands though?
  17. SteveM

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    Urinal kinds of trouble there
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