1. Whoryer

    Whoryer Member

    Chesham Utd away.Already played them twice this season in friendlies,so both clubs will know quite a bit about each other.
  2. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    Reasonable draw.
  3. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Took us apart in pre-season, looked a very useful side I thought. Hopefully friendlies don't bear any relation to the real thing.
  4. Not so easy if the pre season game is anything to go by. Depend on what sort of team we can field injuries/recruitment etc. As usual we need the money!
  5. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    The two friendlies won't mean anything when this game comes around.
  6. Hampton mad

    Hampton mad Member

    Chesham joint 2nd Southern South.
  7. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    May well be slight favourites then.
  8. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    Which of our players will be ineligible/unlikely to play because of loan agreements?
  9. Jefferson Lewis is cup tied. Be surprised if Paul and Pearce are allowed to play . As Walker is on a season long, he might be available will depend on the terms of the agreement.

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