F A Issue Guidance for the re-start of competitive football

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    The FA have just issued guidance relating to how clubs need to prepare for starting National League Football.
    I have only copied the bit that relates to guidance relating to spectator issues - which is more relevant to thoseof us watching. There is also a seperate section laying out guidance to players/playing conditions,changing rooms etc.

    I would think that most of what follows is common sense.

    I mentioned in a previous post thaI thought that t there would likely be reduced capacities and advanced purchase of tickets (it's the best way of identifying who is in the ground in the event of an outbreak), it looks like that is what is to come..

    There is a lot of work for clubs to do before anyone is allowed in to watch a game!


    Current Government guidance: Gatherings of more than 30 people are not permitted while social distancing. Therefore, clubs are unable to have gatherings or spectators of any size at this time for any matches or training. We are currently working with DCMS and other key stakeholders to understand the timescale for the return to spectators at sporting events. Initial discussions have identified that it will be difficult to return to competitive matches without the ability to welcome some form of spectators to matches. There is no current available or formal guidance. The following guidance is designed to provide clubs with suggested considerations to prepare for spectators based on social distancing. We strongly urge clubs to give this some thought now in order to move forward when guidance becomes available: Considerations for clubs: If social-distancing measures are relaxed in future to permit spectators, Clubs will need to consider the management of any spectators within the applicable social distancing guidelines. As with Section B & C clubs are advised to consider their own Risk Assessment and Action Plan. If spectators were to be allowed at, for example, a reduced capacity, Clubs should consider how they could manage this effectively such as introducing advance purchase ticket schemes, allowing clubs to manage walk ups. Clubs may need to consider markings for queues with tape on the floor at 2m where possible, but a minimum of 1m if not (i.e. at turnstiles and takeaway food areas), markings for spectator standing, reducing the availability of seats within covered accommodation, management of toilets, hygiene protocols (more hand sanitisers in toilets, entrances and exits to spaces), extensive signage, crowd management processes, i.e. barriers at pinch point/one way flow. Each ground will be unique and will require their own individual Risk Assessment and Action Plans.


    The NLS relies heavily upon volunteers to effectively operate clubs. It is strongly recommended that all Clubs take time to consider all their Volunteers and how they can adapt their normal roles to maximise safety. A club may wish to provide PPE for their Volunteers to safely work and support operations. For example: • Gloves/face masks/coverings for those undertaking cleaning of equipment or indoor spaces; • Plastic Screens for those volunteers serving/selling hot and cold drinks; • Ensure that any volunteer who has any symptoms is sent home and self-isolates, requests a test from the NHS and contacts NHS Test and Trace. •

    Club House & Bars

    Any food or drink facilities, including bars or restaurants, inside a clubhouse were authorised to be open from 4th July, in accordance with the latest guidance. It is up to the licensee of the premises to undertake the relevant actions within the guidance and to assess the capability to open in accordance with the Government guidance. For other facilities within a clubhouse, toilets and throughways may be kept open, but guidance on hygiene and social distancing should be followed
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  4. This seems to be confirmed by the league.
    Pity no chance for competitive games before the FA Cup which is such a potential financial boost for us.
    At least we have some dates to start to plan around to arrange training, friendlies and season tickets etc.
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    3rd October it is with league finishing at the end of May. As all NLS clubs will be dependent on gate income, government guidelines will need to change to make starting the season viable financially. If having started we go into another lockdown, we may face another suspension of games. Assuming the government will not reintroduce the furlough scheme, awarding contracts to players could prove very risky so will be interesting to see how clubs position this.
  6. On the Woking forum Dowse indicated that they had inserted a clause into the player’s contract that should a second lockdown that they could suspend payments.
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    Had the same thought although may be a problem if full wages need to be paid at some point.

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    No Supporters paying to watch . No wages. I am sure the reserves and youth team players will play for nothing. No good signing all the high earners on contracts. The second wave is coming and it will get worse.
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    The government decisions today and the cancellation of spectator test events scheduled for this weekend must put the 3rd October start date in jeopardy (if we want to start with fans in the ground).
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    No more lifts in the club car for MK anymore either.
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    Are the Club car. We may have to sell it.
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  12. Because he can’t afford to get the sanitiser and mask every time...
  13. I’ll give you 2/6 for it, am sure I still have a coin of that description somewhere. Will surely get a good price from a museum for it.
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    Dover in serious financial problems asking for contracted players to take a 20% pay cut. They said No so directors threatening to declare themselves insolvent by the end of August if they can’t find additional funding. As a consequence, all Dover’s player now available for transfer.
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