FA Cup Draw Chat with the Chairman and Skipper

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  1. GRTourist

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    From the website:

    Join us on Zoom to follow the draw alongside the chairman and the skipper
    From 7pm this evening, you can join Thom Lang and Ben Morton, alongside Jacques Le Bars and Luke Ruddick as they follow the draw of the FA Cup first round proper.

    We will be catching up with the chairman and the skipper about the run so far, the importance of the cup and of course get their reaction once our tie has been pulled from the hat.

    Of course we wish we could all be in the Hammonds Bar celebrating the draw together, but we hope this coverage will provide the next best thing.

    The details are as follows:

    Meeting ID- 863 159 1724

    Password- HRBFC

    See you at 7pm!

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  2. tony

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    Oldham again at home!

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  3. Lord Elpus

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    22nd in league 2. They won't be relishing it but what on earth are the chances...
  4. Lord Elpus

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    Have to say that the media team are doing an amazing job this year. It's a real step up in regular good content and quality. Well done to all.
  5. Larry

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  6. Reading the Oldham fans forum I get an impression that the current team is not so strong as the one we played two years ago. On the other hand, our team is stronger than the one we fielded then. Only TMR remains with us and he is not considered first choice.
    Still the cup as they say is a great leveler and so a win is very much an outside chance. We can all have our dreams!
  7. SteveM

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    Maybe don’t send our strongest defenders up for a late set-piece if we’re leading this time? Lesson learnt, hopefully.
  8. SteveM

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    Could bring him on to win us a pen if need be.
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