1. As predicted our season will be halted imminently. Hope we can continue this decent form whenever it starts again.
  2. Mucky knees

    Mucky knees Member

    Thought we are playing in an ELITE league so we will continue behind closed doors

  3. tony

    tony Member

    Haven’t seen any mention of impact on elite sport yet but if similar to first lockdown then I guess there should be a suspension.

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  4. I love the game but with what’s going on in the world I find that decision beyond baffling.
  5. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    It's frankly bizarre that our level has been designated elite sport, but here we are. Is it right? Probably not. From a selfish point of view I'm glad I at least have some football to watch that I care about, even if it is streamed. How long it will go on for though, well who knows.
  6. tony

    tony Member

    Yes, elite sport continues so we play on.

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  7. Whoryer

    Whoryer Member

    Still can't see every game being played this season, but if they are, playing 3 games last week, and being out the FA Trophy could be an advantage some teams are going to have to play about 4 games a week,and that's without games potentially being called off for bad weather
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  8. Adam

    Adam Member

    Havant game next midweek off as they have COVID.
  9. RogerSW

    RogerSW Member

    Might have been an idea to build flexibility into the schedule at the start of the season - split the division into regional groups, so then have the options of playing the season in full if it's possible, or having promotion & relgation groups or knockout that copes with fewer fixtures.

    Spanish 2B divisions have done something similar.

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  10. Adam

    Adam Member

    Currently should be ok to get the season finished in terms of league fixtures. Regular season goes onto the end of May. Which I make it 21 weeks away. 40 games need to played. Least played is welling with 9 so 31 left. But most teams have played at least 12 so 28 to be played. That can be done in 14 weeks. So a bit of wiggle room yet. Plus hopefully if the current national ’lockdown’ has its desired effect this should lead to less games being off in a few weeks.
  11. The boards of the tiers below are recommending that this current season will be terminated and declared null and void. Wonder if this means there will be no relegation from our league this season. What effect will that have on clubs in our league in respect to budgets and player availability?
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  12. tony

    tony Member

    Can hardly be any promotion from tier 3 to tier 2 so I would expect no relegation which would allow some clubs in our league to cut their budgets and coast through to the end of the season.

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  13. My thoughts as well. It might be that we will see some unexpected results as this season progresses.

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