Ground Improvements - Mid/Long term plans?

Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Jamie, Nov 26, 2019.

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    I don't think this is or should be about criticising anyone or sniping from the sidelines. Considering Jamie's post about long-term ground improvements, could I put it like this:

    Imagine an ambitious 20 year plan for a state of the art, modern super stand to replace the current main stand and seats. Imagine all of the necessary items included to meet health & safety, ground grading for step 1, crush barriers, state of the art floodlights, etc. Imagine also a plan for 3G training pitches for the local schools/community on the top pitch. A huge, ambitious and costly project.

    How much does it actually cost to set this plan up and start fundraising towards it? (and I am open and happy to being shot down and corrected if I am being incredibly naive below (quite possible!!) or have missed something!)

    1) Pay an architect to draw a design of the new stand and pitches, with all specifications etc, to support a planning application.

    2) Pay an artist or graphic designer to draw an artist's impression of what this will look like, so that it can be sold to investors/fans.

    3) Apply for planning permission from Richmond Council (not because we actually intend to build it anytime soon, but because we want to prove it would be approved and there are no immediate objections to the plan or obvious issues arising). It also makes it harder for the council to object to any future planning applications if there are no major changes).

    The total outlay for the above 3 items could be less than £1,000.

    Once you have these things sorted, the fundraising campaign can start. It could be called #ProjectHampton or #ProjectHamptonCommunity or similar. Every bit of money raised that does not need to be spent on either the playing budget or emergency fixes to the ground, should be directed towards the project. Supporters should be encouraged to take part and fundraise. We should be knocking at the doors of Vince Cable, whoever the new MP is, Brian Barwick and other contacts to try and get support. We should be putting together a case to apply to the Football Foundation/FA for grants to help us based on creating football opportunities for the community, safe pitches for kids to play on away from the main road, surrounded by trees (good air quality), how many hundreds of kids go to school locally and can use free of charge, etc etc. We could put together a great case for a community hub. The website would have a running total to show fans how well we are doing. News articles to celebrate everytime we secure a big milestone or big donation. The Beavers Trust would have a working group coordinating the project and keeping sponsors updated.

    Anyway, the point is, even if we struggle to raise the funds, even if 10 years down the track the project has to be scaled back a bit, or the timeline adjusted, the initial cost to set the ball rolling is less than £1,000.

    So why did we not start this in 1999? It is precisely because we didn't start this in 1999, that we are having to "fritter" (so to speak) money on emergency tweaks and fixes to an old 1960s stand in order to stay in the league (I am NOT saying that we should not spend that money, by the way, or criticising anyone involved in sorting the crush barriers, clearly they are essential to maintain our league status and therefore a "must have". The word "fritter" probably isn't the best choice. This is more to do with highlighting what we could do with a long-term plan.)

    So, why would we not *start* the 20 year project in 2019, so that in 2039 we are not spending wage transfer money on an emergency roof and asbestos removals people because the roof of the old stand is falling off and we need the covered terrace to meet ground requirements and maintain our league status? That is what will happen without long-term planning.

    Earlier this year myself and Alec Barry raised £1,300 in 6 days just because we set up a GoFundMe page and did a 10 hour walk! Round that down to £1,000 a week and thats approx £50k a year, £500k in 10 years and £1m in 20 years. Get the FA/Football Foundation to match that and job done. Maybe thats ambitious, but the point is the setup cost is very modest, there are no financial risks involved and there is no good reason not to have a long-term plan. All of the above is said in good faith and in a positive, constructive way.
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    Its Fantastic to see 2 Supporters with so much enthusiasm. I do hope you get to chat with the board or at least get a reply. From what i have seen your be lucky to get either. Good luck Jamie and Tw2 Beaver.
  3. Personally think these are good ideas and are taking a sensible long term view of the situation.
    To,maintain its independence from the club this fund needs to be administered separately and controlled independently from the club.
    From memory, there is already planning permission for a 250-300 seater stand granted to replace the Keith Hussey stand which might be a good project to start with, as some work has already been done.
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    I have to say Jamie that your posts do come across you feeling that the club is poorly run.

    Why not just pick up the phone and speak to jaques and offer your help and experience? And if he says no or doesn't bother to get back to you then come on here and tell us.
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    Cliff PR of this club is terrible. Tuesday we had a great win in the Trophy. Have you seen a match report by us yet No. Awful for a club of this size. And no i don't want to be the PR man. I helped build the Terrace 60 years ago.
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    You built the terrace 60 years ago now where have I heard that before???

  7. We don't (as far as I know) employ anyone to write match reports.So it's down to volunteers.A match that looked extremely unlikely to go ahead looking at the pitch on a Tuesday night some distance away.I'm guessing about 5 of our fans on the terraces and the same in the seats perhaps.Its asking an awful lot to expect one of them to file a report.Billericay had commentary available online and I'd rather have had that if I was sat at home than a match report the following day personally.Talking of which I understand one of our own is doing commentary from Braintree on Saturday on the Fotmob app.Give it a try ,you might enjoy it .
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    Helped build it says.
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    Those of you on twitter will have seen there was no one available to go to Billericay. There was no response from anyone on there offering to do anything to help. It’s so easy to criticise rather than help, some even use the fact they helped build the stand back in the depths of time as an excuse. I’m not available anymore midweek so that’s not an option.

    Perhaps the hiding complainer would like to go to a game in depths of Essex, get home at 1am (If lucky!), do a days work starting at 7am and then write a report? Of course he wouldn’t, he should be embarrassed about what he has written on here but of course he won’t be. He doesn’t care, preferring to snipe at everything he doesn’t like.
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    So what do you actually do at the Club. If your not free midweek.
  11. Jamie

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    Hi Cliffp,

    This is exactly why I've posted. Over the past 6 months+ I've tried to engage with various people, they fob you off, then don't reply.
    I even travelled all the way down at short notice for a meeting and no directors turned up to it.

    I've asked at least 3 times to hire the corporate box for a game, not been given any available dates or even a price.

    Regarding PR and the offer over made to help.
    Hampton are currently 2-0 up against Braintree, its 15.20 on Saturday.
    There is still not even a quick article on the website to say about the brilliant win away at Billericay.... that happened 4 days ago!

    Having used Pitchero previously myself, I know it takes 30 seconds to post an article from a mobile.

    If others dont have time, I'm happy to do these updates, I dont need to be Hampton based to update a website.
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  12. Jamie

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    Btw. Rob thanks for when you cover games on Twitter etc, it's much appreciated by fans further away to keep up to date with the action. It's certainly missed when you arent able to get to a game or get someone to cover.
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    Hi Jamie. I do not often post on here but are you aware that there is a Q and A session at the club on 5th December where Gary and Jacques and Phil from the supporters trust who has been overseeing all the building work, grants etc. will be there.That would be an ideal time for you to come down and ask all these questions.
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    I don't think he lives locally, so logistically for him it's probably unlikely to happen...
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  15. nigelandliss

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    And he obviously missed the last Q and A session. A real pity as all his questions could have been answered.
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  16. Jamie

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    Hi Nigel and Liss,

    Thanks for the info, sounds great, but I live in the Midlands, not necessarily a problem, as could have arranged some local meeting around the date, but it's a bit short notice now.

    This does kind of back up my frustrations of lack of PR etc at the club, I can't find the Q&A session advertised anywhere? Surely it should be one of the top news articles on the website?

    It's not advertised on the forum either.... this will surely hinder the potential turnout?
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    Hi Jamie,

    A couple of bits of info. for you.
    - The current works going on at the ground have been 70% funded by an FSIF grant after a large amount of planning work by both the club and volunteers to secure the grant.
    - As far as I am aware the club have been trying to find a media student to assist with social media and PR.
    - The best way to keep up-to-date with news on the club is to become a supporters trust member. You will receive regular newsletters and emails about trust initiatives, news and any last minute changes/announcements.
    - If you would like to join the trust it is only £10.00 per year. If you email me on I can send you a membership form.
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  18. Jamie

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    Thank you for taking the time to answer some of the queries I raised. Very much appreciated.
    I will perhaps submit a question for the podcast and see if it is selected to be answered.

    Regarding Trust membership, I have thought about it many times, but one of the policies I do not agree with, so that is why I haven't signed up before. But I do appreciate the amount of time and dedication the Trust board put in, and you all do a fantastic job.
    I think it would be good if updates on the club could be made public if suitable, and not be kept to just Trust members.

    Keep up the great work! I will have another read of the policies, and if I've changed my view, I will be in touch to sign up.
    Thanks again.
  19. nigelandliss

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    Hi Jamie,

    It would be interesting to know which trust policy you do not agree with as we may be able to clarify for you.

    The trust newsletters and emails are only distributed to trust members as they are produced by trust volunteers as a benefit of becoming a member.
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