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    Of course at the moment he’s on 0 however I don’t see him budging a club like Billericay and Dorking when they just having bad results will pay up for him always the case
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    Point being, which I thought I’d made fairly clear, there’s not much point ploughing money into meeting NLS requirements when we are in very real danger of failing to amass a sufficient number of points to remain in the division beyond the end of this season. As Tony points out, we are due money from the Lowe deal, so why not use some of the excess from the FA Cup windfall as a float to strengthen the squad now, before we are cut adrift on memory bliss? In short, there has to be some kind of balance to achieve the objective we have set out to achieve (ie consolidate our status as an NLS club).
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    You are assuming there is something left from the Cup windfall.

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  4. This would tie in with the reduced budget cut?
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    I believe a large percentage of that was used to supplement the playing budget at the back end of last season.

    When you look at the money won against that spent and you factor in the grant money then I personally struggle to make the numbers add up.
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