HRBFC 1 Harrow 0

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  1. tony

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    Similar personnel to Friday's game but mixed up a little. Pattern of play was very attacking with full backs getting forward and good interplay and quick closing down when out of possession. Not many actual goal scoring chances in the first period but limited Harrow to very few chances also. Second half Hippolyte Patrick scored the only goal with a good drive from the edge of the box but keepers largely untroubled and it turned more into the usual pre season training match. Still some of the Hendon contingency to make an appearance and hopefully some other new faces as pro clubs release players.

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  2. Lord Elpus

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    Sounds very similar to my quick report from earlier! Glad we're all seeing it in the same way...
  3. Thanks for your reports gentlemen. As you say we have not seen some of our new players like Welland and Joseph. There are still vacancies in the squad, no doubt a striker. May hear soon what Max is doing. As Lee went to Tonbridge, I wonder if a left sided central defender in still on Gary’s shopping list.
  4. tony

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    One area where I hope we will see some additional trialists is in the forward line. No one really stood out last night but early days of course and everyone getting up to speed.

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  5. We heard that we had put in three bids for a player who went elsewhere, wonder if that money might be available for the right forward?

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