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    Football in limited form has returned to the Beveree
    It’s been over three months since the sound of football’s being kicked, coaches issuing instructions and teammates laughing with each other reverberating around the Beveree Stadium. This week though a semblance of normality returned to our home, as Gary McCann and his staff hosted two optional and socially distanced training sessions.

    A number from last seasons squad, some Academy graduates and a handful of unattached players attended the sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. Mark Findley, the club physio ensured all who were present were tested for high temperatures, and all relevant FA guidelines were followed and adhered to during the different training drills.

    Manager Gary McCann said “It’s obviously been a long time, and it great to get back onto the pitch. All those who chose to attend took heed of the rules and it was a couple of fun but functional sessions.”

    Chairman Jacques le Bars was also happy to see the Beveree being used safely “It’s not something we took lightly, and thanks to Mark Findley who was central to ensuring it passed off without any issues. It was great to see football albeit in a limited form return to The Beveree. This is the start of a long process of the club returning to normal and we’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we’re in the best possible shape for when football proper is able to return”.

    As the club start to look to the future, McCann said “Our intention is very much to keep a number of last seasons squad. This is something myself and Jacques are working on as we try our very best to plan effectively for next season"
  2. Thanks Les for the update. Think this news was not unexpected given previous comments.
    As has been suggested previously, the aim has been to keep a number of last season’s squad and I seem to remember Gary mentioned circa 12. If so, this is a good platform to build the 20/21 team.
    It might be that some of the unattached players are there by Gary’s invitation plus invitations from our players to friends knowing they are of the required standard.
    We await further news in due course.
  3. Many contracts expire tonight, so there are going to be a lot of players released by clubs especially at levels above us who might struggle to get fixed up at their current level.
    Who knows Gary might be able to find a bargain?
  4. Think you may find that is the case for EFL and PL; was always under impression National League contracts expired at end of May.
  5. Is there likely to be further weekly updates on the team activities ?
  6. We know that training has been going on a voluntary basis for the last few weeks. Given that current speculation is for an end of September start,
    in a few weeks I would expect a more formal/structured approach with players attending whom Gary wants in his squad.

    We know that some players are under contract already and probably others have a further season option which the club may exercise, plus others who have an agreed understanding of remaining. No doubt there will be some new faces as Gary looks to strengthen the squad.
    I am sure Gary is busy talking to players and their agents as more and more players become available.
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  7. From what other teams are doing and the FA directive preseason training can start from 1/8 . It might be that from this date we might get an idea of who has reported back and any fresh faces?
  8. Les 1949

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    Expect some details shortly (not from me!)
  9. Hope it’s good news!
  10. Big Rich

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    Season ticket money at the ready??
  11. Les 1949

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    The 1st session of pre-season training took place this morning. Before all the drills, 8 (EIGHT) players re-signed for the Beavers
    We’ll start announcing these tomorrow from 11am
  12. As you say Les good news.
  13. Good news that Jake Grey has signed on for next season. Presume he is the first of the eight. Further details during the day?
    As has been pointed out, there are another four players already signed up on extended contracts.
  14. Lord Elpus

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    Yes, great signing and good to see Jake staying.
    Think I'll wait till the end of the day to see the others though if they're continuing to drip feed them in this way.
  15. Ruddick next. Six to go!
    I note supporters were asked to guess names of the eight. My thoughts on the next six. Inman, Farrell , Donaldson, Deadfield, Cox and Miller Rodney
  16. tony

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    Just hope Ruddick can shake off last season’s injury problems.Missed too many games.
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  17. Inman is next.

    Am liking this so far...
  18. Am not expecting to see Sam Cox in the list, but what do I know??

    Will be interesting to see who comes in between the sticks.
  19. Will we know further names today?
    As for keepers, it might depend on who is released and available from league clubs. Can think of a couple of potential players, we do need one who can play at our level. Gary is no doubt talking to possible signings.
    Looking how the squad is shaping up, it looks to me that apart from a keeper, a right back might well be on his shopping list. Might also go for another midfielder and there will be a need to get in someone who can replace Danilo’s goal threat.
  20. Might depend on his international commitment, personally would like to see him return.

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