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  1. In fairness to Walker he had a good reputation previously when at Hemel. He played behind a poor defense at the start of last season.
    Agree if we could get a good permanent keeper this would be the best solution.
  2. Next season whenever it starts, will require matches to be played in a shorter time frame, allowing also for the inevitable injuries as well as suspensions, the squad will need to carry a couple of extra players. Whilst the loan market may be used more extensively, there are, as we all know, pitfalls.
    Most of us should be pleased with Gary’s efforts thus far. I would agree we need to boost the forwards and midfield, to an extent this could be remedied by Cox and Muir. Personally I would additionally like a right back and another defensive midfielder.
    As usual much will depend on the budget and player availability.
  3. Another training session today.
    Wonder if we will get some more news? Still a couple of players from last season not signed up. A few gaps in the squad especially a keeper.
    Perhaps another wait and see weekend!
  4. Lord Elpus

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    Who are the players not signed up then? Guessing Cox is one...
  5. Yes and Muir who is a free agent. Gary knows him very well. The forwards so far signed are not very experienced at our level.
  6. Looks like a signing being made public at 16.00 hrs.
  7. Looking at the photos the training was at a different venue, looked a bit like Hatherop Road? If so, things have gone full circle!
    One player in blue I did not know as was in the background.
  8. TW2-Beaver

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    I believe it was at Bedfont Sports (behind the actual ground).
  9. Thank you.

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