Middlesex Senior Cup semi final...

Discussion in 'Hampton and Richmond Borough FC Unofficial Forum' started by Rob Overfield, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    In tonight’s Middlesex FA Senior Cup semi final, following a 3-3 draw in normal time, Staines Town beat Wealdstone 6-5 on penalty kicks.

    I wouldn’t have known who to support if I’d attended the game...
  2. Agree Rob, a difficult decision. Best to stay away!
  3. Rob Overfield

    Rob Overfield Member

    I did... took that info off a subdued Wealdstun club thread.
  4. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    It’s the time when you either want them both to lose, or red cards a plenty.
  5. I think that of the two clubs, Staines would be the one I would prefer to lose. I still remember the Amateur cup game there in 1962 when they kicked us off the park and our centre half Bennett had more bandages on his head than you see in Holby City!
    Over the next few years beating then regularity in the Spartan league was so sweet!
  6. TW2-Beaver

    TW2-Beaver Member

    Always prefer Wealdstone over St*ines :)
  7. Mucky knees

    Mucky knees Member

    Have you still got that :we 8 Staines" tee shirt?

  8. TW3Beaver

    TW3Beaver Member

    Just hope Hendon win the final now.

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