1. Lord Elpus

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    To complicate this even further, Paul Doswell seems now to be saying training three times a week during the day is now the way forward and the only way to be a real contender in the National League and our division. I doubt we'll ever be able to afford that...
  2. That is exactly what Dev has said at Maidenhead as they switch for 19/20. This does seem to becoming an increasing trend at Conference level.
    ‘Full time ‘ football is attractive to young players released by league clubs and at our level will allow a team like us to attract players used to full time from National League. Players would need to be under contract which has its plus and minus points.
    As for us, our Manager is part time and so that would be the first hurdle!
    If we are unable to make this change, then promotion will become more difficult and we might have to accept playing at a lower level?
  3. tony

    tony Member

    That should mean lots of good players who can’t/won’t fit that model coming available.

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  4. Agree Tony that is the other side of the coin.
    I can think of several players at our level who have left clubs when they went full time. Just hope we can make contact?.
  5. Tonbridge best Met Police 3-2 AET so they join us next season.
  6. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    And a very entertaining game it was too. Police started well but gradually faded I thought. Tonbridge probably deserved it.
  7. Mawgan

    Mawgan Member

    As you say, a very entertaining game in the sunshine of Imber Court, Shame we won't be able to make the short journey there next season. Met Police probably a little unfortunate in that they tried to play a skilful passing game and missed three or four good chances over the 90 mins to settle the result. Tonbridge played the long ball game, not so clever but in extra time seemed to have worn down the Met's players. Amazingly the final result had a HAMPTON connection. Tonbridge's best player was Joe Turner (Joey) taking on the right side of Met's defence and cutting in to cause havoc, great free kicks etc. Centre of their defence was Michael Kamara with "hair', very solid and dealt quite well with the physical threat of Mazzone. Their assistant manager was Barry Moore, an ex-Hampton legend from the past.
    Hopefully some of the Met's players may wish to play at a higher level next season, Gary has seen their qualities, I reckon at least half of the team are good enough to make the step up. Particularly the midfielders and central defenders positions which have been a problem for us this year.
  8. Woking won 1-0. No less than 8 ex Hampton players playing or on the bench. Two for Welling the rest for Woking.
  9. SteveM

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    Good riddance
  10. tony

    tony Member

    Personally, I am pleased to see Dowse achieve his objective of getting Woking promoted at the first time of asking. Undoubtedly he had the budget to do it but as we know play off finals can be finely balanced and he has had at times a rocky relationship with the Woking fans. It will be interesting to see how they fare at CN level and whether some players may decide the extra commitment is too much and look to remain in the CS.

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  11. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    There was an inevitability about them winning at home I suppose. It's good that they've gone up but I suspect my reasons for thinking that are more to do with having one less big club to contend with next season. Our ex manager is going to find it a whole lot tougher from August though and expectation will be much higher next time around. He'll need all the support he can get, from a fanbase not renowned for patience.
  12. davc

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    I watched the game, Welling the better side but didn't create many chances. Kiernan played well. Woking defence was solid but they didn't look a good side. There will need to be a big influx of new players for them to compete at NL. Interesting to see how Dowson copes with the stick from the supporters if they are in a relegation scrap. A lot have been critical with his style of play this season even though they have been in the top 2 throughout.
  13. I know his name has been mentioned on this forum, but Muir has had his second year option taken up by Hartlepool.
  14. hrbfc__fan

    hrbfc__fan Member

    Clubs are announcing new players each day and here we are still waiting for our first one!?!?
    Is Gary or the club going to announce 6/7 at one go like they did last year or are we struggling to recruit players right now
  15. Richard

    Richard Member

    Early days, most player moves won't happen for a few weeks yet.

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  16. Last season Gary brought over a lot of players from Hendon, so they could be announced together. This season one would presume, they will be coming from a variety of clubs.
    At this time of the year it is not always possible to accurately report when signings are made for a variety of reasons. It might be that it is taking a little longer to complete a signing than was first anticipated. News will be given when the club is in a position to do so.
  17. Lord Elpus

    Lord Elpus Member

    Thats a good point actually, it was mentioned about a week or so ago that signing news was imminent. Looks like they haven't happened yet. Lots of other clubs in our league have made announcements. It is early days but I hope we're not proving a hard sell.
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  19. hrbfc__fan

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    Arthur Lee has left Tonbridge and wouldn’t be surprised to see him at Hampton next season. I think this because beginning of last season when we was raiding Hendon he tweeted out his disappointment of not being aloud to leave Hendon and come to us which makes me then that he may come this season especially as we are need of a good defender
  20. You are correct in that Hendon would not allow him to follow Gary or to play against them this time last year.
    He is left sided mainly a central defender or left back. From reputation a tough defender although perhaps not the tallest. Played a couple of seasons for Hendon before that at Concord. Age 26.
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