Next two away games.

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    We probably will be the happier, having to go there on a Monday night, you'd of taken a point.
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    Monday night. I remember watching Blackburn beat Blackpool 1-0 on Christmas day in 1959. Footballers today dont know which side there bread is butterd these days.
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    Thanks for that link Josh. Could not get it in Spain but it was worth a try.
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    Back in the day trains used to run on Christmas day

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    What does this have to do with us getting a point away to Gloucester?
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    TE="Mucky knees, post: 39906, member: 187"]Back in the day trains used to run on Christmas day

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    Now they don't even run on Boxing Day.
  8. Only the bottom two clubs, Concord and Whitehawk have scored less league goals than us and Welling. Seems to indicate where the problem lies, but it could also be that we are failing to create the goal scoring chances. After eleven games last season we had scored 26 league goals.
    On a different point , how long is Wassmer's suspension?
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    Ah , that was a "friendly" local derby , presumably Burnley and Preston respectively were busy elsewhere
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  11. Josh

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    Blimey, that's harsh!
  12. Looked at it a few times, cannot seen how he was offside. Looked also to see if anyone else was offending - again nothing. Looked at foul by one of ours- again nothing.
    Looks like officials error, but can't do anything now!
    These things often balance out over a season.
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    However, despite not scoring much, only Dartford, Chelmsford, St Albans and Havant have conceded less which shows that the issues from last season appear to have disappeared. If we can do a similar thing with the forward line and turn the attack into something formidable then we could become very competitive indeed.

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  16. Last season after 11 games we had conceded two more goals than this season. The defensive issues were perhaps less apparent in this part of the season?

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